Myke Pimp Plasters Face In Mealie Meal In Artwork

I am guilty of enjoying a goodnight sleep on Myke Pimp’s previous release. The Sir Wicknell Remix which featured the award winning Art Department, but well I do try to feature Myke Pimp where-ever inspiration does hit me. The “Hundare” anthem maker is back on the scene with his postponed January song “Run it” it features GoldFingah.

GoldFingah never disappoints, he is the same guy on T1’s Ghetto and did some brilliant vocals on Savage’s Nuttin’. Myke Pimp on the other hand is a tactical award nominated artiste from Harare. His songs are mostly about hustle and life. He knows how to make anthems that may at times feel meh when you alone at home later to make you jump in a club scene.

His music is tailor made for the club.

This is a promising party starter about hustles on hustles on hustles. He would have dropped it in January but the heavens had given the titles Run It to both Breezy and Myke Pimp. Different concepts altogether but being the good and well planned marketer he is Myke Pimp decided to drop this bomb in winter.

I love his bars but I love the hook more. It feels like the song ends to early. Myke ,you did this one well.Power to you but what’s up with having mealie-meal in your face for the artwork bruh.
#MySoundIsZimbo Download it here



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