My Thoughts On Schingy’s- Bless_EM Hip-hop Video

Schingy is a very interesting character. He knows how to stand out. The making of his video first caught my interest when I saw pictures of him in a casket. I realized this would be very nice to make fun off considering I was already making fun of him pasting links in Facebook comments. The dude has been sending unspecific shots to bloggers on his wall and well I’m one of those bloggers who also have not blogged about him, aint I?

Yeah Schingy has been taking an umbrella shot at us, in as much as I have been subliminally shooting him for sport.


So well, I felt like, “Sorry fam, we slept on your video. Let’s see what we can do and give it too our few thousand followers” I have slept on many works and mostly it’s not because I want to ignore certain people but I have a day job and it can be very demanding. It’s my primary source of income, wouldn’t pay for hosting without it.  So I know this is a general feeling amongst people who inboxed me their work but I didn’t get a chance to post it. What I started off as a hobby on Navy Seal’s elevated release has become my duty to Zim Hip-hop that I cannot abandon. Bear with me and let’s build hip-hop to gether, now let’s look at Schingy’s video.

Schingy Bless_Em Video

I finally watched it at Navy Seal’s crib and I thought it was quite a creative video. The production was a quality one and the bars were way better than what I had expected. They were actually good and had a level of meaning. (Watch it below or stream it here)


I think both Tatea and Schingy are able to deliver decent bars without  sounding too complicated. Tatea is actually a good rapper, he just doesn’t stuff his lyrics with wordplay and hyper-boles but he sticks to the subject matter. Schingy is a crazy guy, the guy was rapping while sleeping in a coffin with symbolism on his face. How can one expect a person like me not to have a field day on that. The video was shot in a graveyard where I wondered who’s graves they decided to do it on. I mean we as Africans have taboos about peoples graves but Schingy is a special type of normal. He can definitely cross the boundary and do things you never expected one would do. Perhaps that’s why he has a high following. What I learnt from this artist is , “To get there, cross the boundary.” I still believe however he needs to keep putting in work on the lyrics themselves but the delivery is great.

The reason I have been blasting at his “spam like” tendency is because I believe many that find those links in their comments agree with me. That form of marketing does not quite work, it is part of an old system of interrupting individuals. However inbound marketing works. The things I air under #Provokatif tags are just truths most people have thought of before but did not air. If anyone feels shot by them, no apologies, that’s the motive. Certain things have to be slapped out of people… period.

MTV Base shared Schingy’s video some time ago.I think he also posted about possibilities of him getting his work to the channel. Now I don’t care if you vibe with his work, for the sake of Zim hip-hop, congratulate him. He actually can be your source of finding out how it’s done. Congratulations fam, keep pushing yourself in the right manner, no more game ku spammana though . Peace

Oh and here’s a little video I made to make fun of the link spamming… (Watch it here)



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