My Struggle Your Struggle: #NewHipHop


I have a hip-hop/rnb single in my hands right now. My Struggle Your Struggle is the name of the song. It was produced by Xndr and features a very young vocal maestro MiK. He does the hook. The song may fall in the conscious/Christian hip-hop category because of its didactic content. It’s a song about intercession.

My message really is that some people have so many problems to overcome forces around them. They themselves find it hard to kneel and pray for their lives, they see it as a futile effort because they’ve never seen sunshine in their lives. I’m addressing prostitutes and some criminals here; but the message applies for many other groups. In the song I am urging people to intercede for these people and pray for them to find a way to truth or even to bring truth to these people. Jesus carried the cross for us and he laid a perfect example of carrying the burdens of our brothers and sisters. Of course people will be judged as individuals, but an action towards helping others to change can go a long way.

The song however will only be available for download after the 300 like mark is reached by my page.  There is no release date; the release date and time is when like number 300 is registered on . However this will not be automated but be sure our timing will not be delayed. We will manually post the download link. The likes are like a purchase of the track; a lot of resources are used up in creation and promotion of this independent music. My Struggle in independent music has been gaining sufficient support to fully utilize this God given talent. Share the page, like it. Tell a friend to hit like. It will help me go a long way in keeping my content free.


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