My Opinion On Xndr’s -Marukaz, SOHH and Other Fascinating Issues

Xndr seems to have been on a social media sabbatical for a while but he recently surfaced with a song called Marukaz which features Mc Cut and Marques. The song is about “Marukaz”,  guys with no plan that try to be in places they can’t fit in. It name drops, Take Fizzo, Gumbura, Junior Brown, Masofa Panze and makes wordplay with Mcpotar in a hilarious manner.

“Vanongopopota kupfura Mcpo-potar” – Xndr

These guys are said to rant more than I do.  They must be very fascinating characters huh?

I felt the need to find and download the song as soon as I learnt there was a line about me. It’s more like those times Herald says my name, that’s some of the few times I look for it lol. The song is a good piece of work and it is not really offensive, it’s just provokatif. The name-drop guaranteed it an early feature on the blog I must admit. I am still listening to Jae Mac’s new offering.  Mc Cut had massive rhymes as usual, he is clearly a mainstream beast. Rehab is notorious for name dropping since last years wake up. Marques has always been a brilliant rapper and Xndr did quite well for a multi-talented producer. Xndr akangofanana wo nesu, tinobatika kwese kwese

I also don’t think any of the name-dropped people will feel offended, except Thokozani Khupe maybe (as she may not understand that it’s okay in Hip-hop). Gumbura will be doing hard labour in jail he may hear a sample from the guards G-tide. Mc Cut better not be an inmate soon, or he’ll get a few cuts from the pimp. Well then Masofa Panze armies will be cool if Noble doesn’t mind, it all depends on what Noble says. I’m sure he loves the concept. At this point it’s more strategic for Noble to be in the remix, after-all last year their disagreeing boosted both their visibility. This year the same rules may not apply and people since realized that #rehab had no actual power over awards.

I think it lightens up the mood of the industry and more people can now use “Marukaz” word in their vocabulary. Rehab is ever coming up with new tags, new trends and lingo that becomes widespread after the release of their tracks, which get a lot of rotation for some reason or the other. I’m sure the song will be surfacing on SOHH soon as a future hit like Schingy’s Ma Ratchets.

In case any SOHH member reads this blog, I would appreciate them telling us the criteria for being on future hits, if it’s friend requesting the hosts we are on it. (the Facebook Friend Limit is 5000, hurry) and suck up till you’re out of saliva. A lot of rappers who I doubt know Mariachi closely nowadays tell me they are close with Yachi. “Yachi, mu top shutter wangu.” lol – True Story. Did I get out of context? Nott really, that’s exactly the people this song is talking about “Marukaz”.

I guess all I wanted to say was download this song right here and play it and don’t turn down the volume when am passing by. I love it, it’s my ringtone.

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