My New Beginnings In A Capsule

Decided to write a poem for my girlfriend today. It’s also abput starting new beginnings.

Recently moved to Mpumalanga, which means, “Place of the Rising Sun”.

I have intepreted that in my own ways, reflected in the poem.

The Sun Rise by Mcpotar
Luminous streaks pierce the horizon,
Ressurrecting from the East where my eyes on,

Darkness gone by, let by-gones,

Be by-gones,

My fly-zones expanding,

Spread wings to a new day,

Fed the beasts I preffered when I grew hay,

But sun-rise is enlightenment,

Time for new ways,

Looking at my love with a new gaze,

We renew the craze to stay ablaze,

The love stays,

I’ll catch a grenade,

My chest is her sheild should a bullet stray,

My ambitions are fulfilled,

She reminds me to pray,

She knows,

I’m inspired by Lupe (Lu-pei),

mU, Dre,

And bumping the new Jay,

Zee’m Hiphop were Navy,

Sharky, Few Kings and Aytee,

Dominate a Microphone,

Sun rise flow,

Come and light your dome.

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