“My music does not conform to the usual rules of engagement “- Cashbid – (Indie Hip-hop)

Cashbid’s obsession with hip-hop music started early in life when he was in 3rd grade and heard the sound of Tupac. It is no wonder the artist claims to only kick it with the realest. His ear was nurtured by some of the most influencial hip-hop artists of the past decades.

Currently working on his mixtape Lyrical Redesign, the artiste released a song entitled Time Lapse as a promotional track so that people would realize what he’s sound is about, where he worked with Ashayn Beatmaker. I only got the song in March though it’s release was on the 2013 Christmas. Not sure I was online on the day, but I guess he felt the day was significant. He has also recently released a song known as The Realest which is a Jae Mac production. He mentioned great industry players such as MMT , Few Kings and Black Bird among others. He has since started selling merchandise to his true fans in the form of The realest T-shirts which are going for 12 dollars.

Black Bird felt honoured and co-signed the song on twitter. Looking at both songs I can say he has diversity in the way he delivers.

” The song time lapse is me showing off my verbal skills in relation to the flow of time. I got caught up in my own words I ended up causing a “time-lapse”.
It was inspired by me getting bored with rappers showing off about cars clothes cars etc. There had to me more to rap than that, besides I’m all about being real I’ve never fired a weapon before (unless bb guns and pellet guns count), I’ve never been a fan of womanizers (I’m quite the romantic myself). So this was me doing what I wanna do and not what the artist is forced to do by the industry.” – Cashbid

So who is the main audience, Cashbid is really targeting with his music. Does it appeal to everyone? How is he intending to give it to the masses. He already has a diverse style of rhyming, it was really hard for me to map out who his target was. On listening to him, ifelt he’d have two distinct audiences for each track.

“In as much as you don’t want me to say “everyone” I may have to bend you rule just a bit, coz my music is for everyone with an open mind. My music does not conform to the usual rules of engagement when it comes to the industry “requirements” I went the “me route” and not the “what everyone wants to hear route”. So my music once again is for everyone with that sense of individuality that’s not limited by what the industry deems “the right music” I hope I answered you.”- Cashbid

The artist has resorted to making money off his music now through sale of merchandise seeing how it may be hard to sell the mp3 itself. Perhaps T-shirts may go viral. Cashbid is currently a self funded artist and manages himself. He foots his studio bill and finds his own connection. He has still been able to work with a number of amazing artists, big and upcoming, among them: Ahsayn The Beatmaker,Yolanda Candice, Mcsqed, TheFuture, Kritikigwee, Foreva, Jae Mac(JaeMacBeatz), LizzMiriBaby(LMB), Anonzi Xndr(Rehab), Bishop, Walter Marumahoko, RudoMusiwacho and Saysay (currently in the UK).
With people like this on his mixtape I am personally expecting tosee bombs and haters fall back. I respect the hustle he is putting in. He is representing Harare hip-hop well and even collaborating with artists outside Harare.

You can go and download Cashbid’s music on his soundcloud.

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