My Mothers Day 2015 Special Videos and Audios

I will not even say much…

This one is for the mothers,

The ones selling tomatoes in street corners of ghettos,

Airtime or potatotes,

To put shoes on their childrens toes,

Decent meals and trendy clothes,

At least – what they can afford.


The mothers that take their sons to living waters,

Lecture daughters, keep them focused,

World is bogus,

So we should sit with them and listen.


Especially for the ones where a male figure’s missing,

Office work to end up in the kitchen,

Dressing chicken, men are chicken

Sometimes to raise their own families… I know


That’s why I respect the mothers that father the kids,

When deadbeat dads ain’t  loving their seed,

The Bible reads honour your father and mother,

Some mothers are both,

Double the honour.


This one is for my mother,

She reminds me of me – her facial features,

Her love for me is amazing I’m gazing

At a picture of you,

You made me  handsome. (laughs)


So there could be a future mother of my children,

God prepare her for this legacy I’m building,

Her brick is the corner stone,

For a man shouldn’t be alone,

And the mother is the back bone,

Of a beautiful home.

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