My FB Rap Battle With Thought Illektrik: Communion With A Legend

battleYesterday I posed a question on my wall that asked if anyone had not gotten Navy Seal’s Elevated. It caught the attention of heavy weight rapper Thought Illektrik and he commented to say we were fast becoming egotistical. All in good humour we had an exchange and he challenged me for a battle. He was using his real name Mbonisi Zikhali so at the time I was not aware I was talking to the legend I’d heard so much hype about.

He threw in his first set of lyrics and I realised I wasn’t battling an ordinary facebook friend here; so I replied with some momentum which built him up in the next as the attacks went on. He turned my metaphors against me I turned mistakes and misinte


preted his in my attacks but I must say it was enjoyable. Had I known it was him; I would have backed down. He is a punchline emcee I’m a direct hitter he later mentioned in a one on one inbox chat and he said my skills were good. We had a great chat about the state of Zimhiphop and th


at’s when I found out, “Wait a minute?…. You’re Thought? ”

He told me a lot about Cyphers with Alka Nemo, Outspoken, Upmost, Supreme an

Thought Illektrik With Dead prez

d Munetsi back in the day before Canada. I shared a few links with him. He liked Navy Se


al’s Ele


vated and my animation and gave me respect.

He showed me a picture of him and Dead Prez and I knew Zim was missing a legend. Will be profiling him on the site soon. There is so much about this emcee to write am only happy my lyricism is now a level people I grew up listing in my top ten think is hot.


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