My Escapism EP Decyphered In 2 minutes

I recently dropped my second EP on Google Drive (download it here). The EP is titled Escapism and subtitled “the tendency to self distract” which of course is a homonym centered pun on “self destruct”.

Mcpotar’s Escapism Artwork

As the title suggests it was a way to distract myself from the anxiety of lost love by using the same adrenalin to feed my creative inner man.  The central concept throughout the EP is not melancholic but is a rather optimistic view of what a breakaway may mean.

New beginnings, mutual respect and love.

Track 1: The Poem (intro)

The poetry introduces the listener to the mind of the character surrounding a failed relationship. Sad as it is the poem the recital is not driven by sour grapes but rather reflection on what was, what could have been and what now is. Concluding that, other relationships that may have looked terrible stood the test of time whilst his looked good and withered.

“We acted on our wants and can’t address their needs” – Refers to how many friends of the couple were motivated by the couple and encouraged them to resolve the fall out. However their attempt’s were futile in that a mutual decision had been passed.

The lines before that further dispel any thoughts that it was a joke.

“For the record she was full of awesome deeds,

Meaning we hoped to share title deeds,

But our title bleeds.”

In those lines the character means that he still honours the good deeds of his former lover and goes on to express that they had hoped to build a home together (title deeds: Also a play on the double meaning of deeds)… Finally their longstanding title of longevity faced a blow.

“Trees withered while we watered the seed,

And I’d never plan on failure we hoped to succeed!” – He means that all efforts to feed positive into the relationship were done. They were not neglected, regardless the roots failed to take up the water and thus the tree withered. The other line is not cryptic it means what it says.

Track 2 : Break Up Art – Break Apart

In this one firstly you will easily recognize the syllable play in the title. As an escapism the concept tapped into silly comedy by splitting the character into two voices.

An emotional voice getting advice from his logical inner-self.

Emotional Side: “So what if you see that your girl is thinking otherwise?”

Logical: “Free her spirit let her move on to some other guys”

This piece comedic as it is gives a lot more advice than any other piece in the project.

The comedic effect is meant to loosen up the listener and take their guard off.

“Life will test if you got your resolve,

Earth will never stop, it will always revolve,

On it’s axis,” – The world doesn’t stop because you are hurt, it continues to revolve on it’s axis. Your life does not revolve around someone else as an axis.

Another gem I’d say is, “That hook up from your team is a gate-way to sin.”

Normally following a break up, with a good heart friends from both sides tend to try to hook up a hurt friend with some form of rebound and it mostly leads to infatuation, because at the vulnerable stages of a break up any quick fixes are tempting because you need a way to boost your dopamine again after so much depression.

However it’s a gateway to another heart break, even out of character behavior some of which may contradict ones core values.

Track 3: L.O.V.E

Link One Vibrating Energy is one of the most energetic songs in the project. In this piece the character reveals that he wishes that he and his ex still had synergy.

“But love is love it can never turn to hate,

She da bomb, guess she had to detonate,” – He means to say, there is no hate created by separation despite that the relationship blew up in his face (like a bomb). She da’ bomb is also to praise her curves perhaps.

“I wonder if I can make her a surrogate,

Coz I want her give birth to my off-spring,” – He is poking fun and praising her as mother material at the same time. The line suggests that since he will likely settle elsewhere under the circumstances, she can still fulfill his dream to see her give birth to his kids.

All summer in the winter when it’s cold out” –He switches to braggadocio lines to insist that even though it’s cold in the winter (and hearts are cold), it is summer because he is bringing heat to the game. “Tsano drop screening, getting sold out.” Lines that ensue talk about his love for art before he returns to conclude that he didn’t feel like a fight over a break up because it’s always petty.

The second verse is more self reflective. He is asking for God’s answers since he was convinced he was on the right path. He then reassures that he trusts that God knows the way.

“But I won’t compare any of my ex’s,

But the way they exit, this could be how Karma taxes.”


Obviously the character has broken his fair share of hearts and he blames his ex’s leaving on the law of retribution. However the double meaning is, his ex’s that leave too may be the ones facing their Karma by making bad decisions and leaving him.

Most meanings throughout the EP apply to the other person as well.

Track 4: You A Catch

This concept is an attempt at an R’n’B hip-hop song, it’s ascendency from being down and entrance into a new relationship where the character meets a potential suitor whom he expresses many things to including that he has been hurt before and how it makes him cooler.

He praises her for her looks and such with very poetic innuendos.

This concept leads into the next song.

Track 5: With You

The character at this point begins to become more serious about the new suitor. With You is written in poetic language. He again expresses that his last one didn’t work out so well but he is willing to go through all the conflicts in the next and make it.

His central message is ambition is gold.

Meaning to say that his failure to do it in the previous relationship does not mean he is no longer ambitious to work out something stronger in the next.

The End


All in all the EP comes from a place of love and in a way encourages how genuine love is the true power in ones ability to walk away from hurtful situations in the most positive manner. It urges  settlement of relational conflict emphathetically with respect to the other persons feelings.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired by the project. If you have not already followed me my twitter handle is still @Mcpotar and recently I am looking forward to people following @tsanojokes.


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