My Debut Joint Novel – Opportunity – New Relationship Status Explained

This week I hopped  onto Facebook to drop my first novel “Blessed Princes”. The book was authored by Monalisa Chishato and myself. It is a project we started working on very early in our relationship, though it had slow progress.

You can purchase it on Amazon via this link.

We decided to drop the book a week after announcing our break-up the  and this is because I felt that the project needed to see light of day.  The method with which we dropped this obviously comes off as a publicity stunt to most friends and family given that it is exactly a week after the break up and probably a month after we released several pictures together having some outdoor fun.

Is it a publicity stunt though?

Certainly not a publicity stunt. People around me always expect a publicity stunt from me because of many strategic ideas I loan artistes in secret.  In fact a close friend for a long time thought that the relationship was a publicity stunt when it began.

The truth since sunk in.

My Father knew about my relationship so I definitely wouldn’t joke about that.

Unfortunately in this case it is a real break up. Though it is not a publicity stunt the capitalist in me saw a publicity opportunity. Tragedy to triumph.

Look… If you are going through an inevitable loss lessen it for yourself by gaining something from it. It’s alchemy really. You have the power to turn any situation into anything. To be response-ible you have to have the ability to respond to challenges and not react.

So the final response is that “No it’s not a publicity stunt but yes it’s an opportunity.”

Watch The Trailer


Definitely, if I am involved with someone who is creative I will. In previous relationships I was afraid of how it would look after break ups but now I’m not in a mindset where I enter serious relationships with fear of fall outs. A relationship is not a solitary path.

Fear is the worst thing and I won’t say we did not have any fears during our union. Perhaps our fear manifested.

Struggles will come but I will never be detered from doing anything special based on fear of how it will look in the event of failure. So definitely, if my next girlfriend is in the arts I will do collaborative work. If she is not? Well the best joint  project two people can do is raise Children as a unit. I will be also open to her ideas.

The book is definitely therapeautic to have out and I look forward to promoting it and hopefully earn royalties from it.


I worked with Moe on various projects. Some of which are set for September, however there are no signs of us doing future work. There are real human emotional struggles surrounding the ability to work though we are not enemies.

These are normal human responses of course which may change from time to time or remain as such.

There is no malice on anyones part. I can not testify how she feels about the whole experience because we are now independent entities with mutual respect.

the internal job

With my focus directed at myself. I have to admit that there is a lot to sort out about myself and a future to create. I remain with my core values and maintain my ambitions regardless.

** I will animate your video for $70 a minute at minimum. I am open for poetry slams, new creative connections and rap music collaborations.


We are both great people with great futures. I would be grateful to hear what you think of the book. If there comes a time where her and I can work again, we will certainly do. In this season, we have chosen the best move. Divided empire.

You can purchase it on Amazon via this link. Be sure to reshare it to your social media channels. Let’s keep it 100!

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