My Big Apology To Zim Christian Hip-hop

The Christian Hip-hop community in Zimbabwe (which I dentifies itself as CHH) is an important component in the church. It propagates the Good News of Jesus Christ through lyrics and beats that appeal to the younger generation which somewhat is not moved by traditionally accepted Christian music such as music by Baba and Amai Charamba.

I have on several occasions gone head on with this movement based on issues we disagree on. I definitely disagree with Christian Raps that mimmicks the sercular world in my view. However it turns out that the artistes that put out such content do not do it for self praise as I have often accused. They say they do it to glorify God by showing the benefits of Christianity.

If you look at it this is a very controversial topic even in the rest of Christianity itself. It is pretty much the general war on prosperity Gospel. Propagators of prosperity Gospel defend that we are kings and queens and Christians should not only be identified by suffering but should also flaunt the treasures they inherit from being heirs in the Kingdom. They of course have supporting scriptures as much as their opposers. At the end of the day, each individual interprets scripture the way God reveals it to his purpose.

Mudiwa, Dexter Baysiq and Bry360 among others have been blasted as being vanity lovers on many of my forums, till this actually reached an emotional scuffle on social media. A lot of names were thrown around in vane, Courtney Antipas, Shingirai and Take Fizzo amongst others. We lost focus on the word by so doing and the devil must have been happy that we spent a lot of time  quarrelling about which gospel should be right and we missed the love of Christ.

Therefore I would like to apologize to my followers, friends, family and CHH for stimulating such a quarrel. I would also like to congratulate my brother Bry360 for being the first Zimbabwe based artiste to get a Facebook verified page.

Besides his brag raps in Konzeresa, I peeped his Soundcloud to find out he actually also does have some conscious tracks which he doesn’t promote as much. He has been working tirelessly to fight for his beliefs. Tortured and chastised by our words and opinions. Nobody is perfect but this is the last time I will compare  any Christian Rapper to another.

For the rest of you sercular guys, the blasting is still on, don’t smile yet. Peace

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Man holding I am sorry message on white board. remorse concept.
Man holding I am sorry message on white board. remorse concept.
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