Music Review: Takura Sets Speed In – Mhofu Yemukono –

I hadn’t realized I should have played his new song as soon as it finished downloading. You know Whatsapp. You wait for the little green thing to fill the circle and the media file is done downloading. It takes a bit of time.

So I had this beautiful gem sitting somewhere in my inbox. A few friends had already beat me to it. Sokostina, from the Muchaneta Series had ‘apped me to ask if I had heard this heat.

I am talking about the brand new Takura, featuring Donny Pound, track titled Mhofu Mekenyenye which already has symptoms of being a hit before it hits the charts.

If you live under a cluster of metamorphic rocks and do not yet know who Takura is you may ask lizards and termites in the settlement who he is. I am sure they will tell you that he is a Zimbabwean R’n’B Michael Jordan who causes many a rapper to catch feelings.

He has a way of interweaving R’nB intonation with Hip-hop structured bars to create music that resonates with the populace.  The former Soul Afrika member and Zim Hip-hop Award winning artist is not at all trying to be complicated with metaphors, hard bars and stuff that matters to other rappers.

Evidently, the focus of his pieces has the people in mind. In this jam he speaks of a girl who uses his totem “Mhofu” to give him praise for the immense attraction she feels for him.

The vocalist teams up with Donny Pound to narrate how this girl is fascinated by his music, his style and and can’t contain it. She says he is just too much i.e “Mekenyenye” which of course is a play on the word “Makanyanya” in the “yekedero” format.

He also invites the  lady to feel free to sip drinks and live a little with him.

The titling is quite witty and may add humour to the concept, on a title perspective.

We hope this year Takura will be touring as he did last year. We know that last year he took things a notch higher with the help of Jungle South. I missed his press conference because I was settling into South Africa at the time but Takura was ready to do a national tour and then go and shine in parts of Europe, before scooping a hip-hop award in December despite hatred from rival groups who thought he did not deserve any hip-hp titles.

Personally I believe Hip-hop is an emergent art since it’s foundations and perhaps the “hip-hop head” community should cut him some slack and listen to some of the beautiful music he is supplying.

I cannot predict whether he will continue to entertain us like this throughout the year but as a sequel to his last year EP “Stripped”, he has promised audiences to drop an actual LP (Album). Yes a “dambarefu”, I look forward to it and you should probably do the same.

Please do check out his new offering via the embeded link below. Takura Shonhai featuring Donny Pound, Mhofu Mekenyenye.

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