mUnetsi – The Warm Upliftment & Jungle Bango’s House Of Hunger

Freestyle King, mUnetsi has been dropping heat from mid-year and there has been much talk about his upcoming project, The Warm Up. The Hip-hop icon has been making quite a lot of moves recently, and has been giving us the gnosis on a spiritual level.

Looking at songs like Dzimwe Nguva and thanks For raising me, you can tell that this is a didactic project and definitely mUnesti is on that inspirational level. In his first leak he even name-dropped former rival Orthodox Six in good light & we all know he did spare me for that raw review on 3 Kings early this year. What this may mean is, mUnetsi is now on a different path to rebuild Zimbabwean Hip-hop and he doesn’t need to fight unneccessary battles anymore. We all shout him out in our music don’t we.

I need you to go and see the work he is putting in on the website by clicking here.

Jungle Bango – House Of Hunger

Many Zimbabwean Hip-hop heads have described Jungle Bango’s recent project House Of Hunger as next to Karma’s Chasing Moments. Perhaps the Shona version of it, those who disagree still say it’s dope.

It all depends on where one places Chasing Moments, Masofa Panze or Syncity but I can definitely confirm, this is a lyrical reality album and masvingo is making it a bit hard to decide, what the vernac hip-hop Illmatic is going to be.

When I listen to Hip-hop however I’m never about comparing projects that are not of the same theme. Sometimes I do not compare at all. I simply tell what I heard. It took me time to get this project and I heard it and it didn’t  disappoint that’s what I can say. House of Hunger is a depiction of African thoughts in 2014.

I have been listening to the album for a while and I love it. I’m also glad Jungle acted maturely not to rant about blogs abandoning his project. Let’s keep supporting our local guys.

House of Hunger 

Probably one of the best projects to come out this year and a good debut for Jungle Bango. he worked hard.

You can get the whole project on his reverbnation.

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