mUnetsi Solidifying His Legacy One Session At A time (@incredibleMu)

There has always been a question of “What makes a person a legend?”. There has never been the question on ,”What is a legend?”

See the words legal, legacy, legible and legend stem from the same routes. Linguists will side with me on that one. That simply tells me that someone who is not legit and has no legacy is not deserving of the title of legend. Remember, you can only be a legend after you die.

Yes I have seen people misuse the term on people that are alive and breathing. Not with malicious intent of course. The assumed they were in fact honouring their greats.

In this article I will discuss how the hip-hop emcee Munetsi has been building a legacy and will be crowned a legend after he departs from this Earth.  This article is not saying however that he is close to dying or anything of that sort.

I am unquestionably a Munetsi fan, who picked up on the brand growing up so much I remember vividly my reaction to seeing him at Shoko Festival in a t-shirt that read, “Don’t let the glasses fool you, I’m an idiot.”

My long-time industry friend Ill Manner (Rudebwoy Bliss) had tapped my shoulder to say, “That’s Munetsi”.

Evidently, he must not have widely been recognized on TV for someone to tap my shoulder and say, “Oh that’s him”, yet that person probably did that because regardless of me not having seen the face, I knew exactly who he was. At least I knew his bars, I knew his tracks, data was still pretty much expensive… well it still is so Youtube was not as big a phenomenon.

I don’t want to bore you with much history, I will say however Munetsi took a big sabbatical for years off social media and during those times many rappers rose and fell who still got people to question if the Mighty Mu was still indeed the best there ever was.

Munetsi has been back to social media in recent years after that sabbatical but on a more mature, brotherly tip.  Whilst he still drops braggadocio raps on breakbeats, you cannot ignore the social commentary that potentially allows mindsets to evolve.

A legacy for me has never been about the cars and houses you leave. I mean to say, if you are an artiste, even if you are Jay Z. Indeed Tidal is a legacy, but your family inherits that. Your fans do not inherit the material aspect. The cars you floss, the Hublot you wear and such.

They inherit the information you knew to build it and the example you set. The way you live and what you give is your legacy. So you might leave a mansion for your kids but if what you taught was “gang bang or cheat to get it.” That is essentially your legacy to the rest of us who don’t ever get to the right to have a pair of socks when you die.

Thus the gems Munetsi has been dropping on his Facebook account and via the Mu Sessions are now documented on Youtube for generations and fans after to inherit.

Indeed back in the day what we loved about Munetsi was his freestylke record, him being a renowned genius and the stories we heard about how he could freestyle an album over a weekend.

That’s beautiful to know. That is inspiring skill of course however the legacy he is now solidifying encompasses both that skill and usable information for the future.

Indeed being a 90’s hip-hop guy, Munetsi always represented the people especially when he had volumes of content just as SVR (SlaVeRy) …. Name says it all right.

After that big sabbatical however I think Munetsi is no longer focused on shortlived crowns, awards and props.

His eyes are on what will live on.

Now before you see this article as some form of premonition or assertion that the grand master is nearing his last day. No!

I nowhere said, that.  I just gave my opinion on moves he has been making currently that I believe will impact his legacy even if it were 1000 years from now. No legacy after-all is accidental and hopefully my documentation of what he is doing has inspired you to look into your own efforts of making a valuable impact in the world and for generations to come.

If you are a true fan of Hip-hop make an effort to view the videos I have playlisted below and if they inspire you share them with a friend.

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