Munetsi (@incredibleMU) – Making Good Use Of Infographics

Most of you from reading the title may be wondering what an infographic is but i suppose if you’ve been online for a while you’ve seen one. it just basically is a picture with information on it. Sometimes the information is complex with graphs and statistics, respiration, business cycle and all that jargon but when done by a poet it simply may be a piece of information.

You will usually see this in your Facebook stream. They are easier to understand than what I’m doing here and more interesting to read. Well Munetsi, who happens to be a hip-hop artiste in Zimbabwe has been using some of these to convey his messages and he has been getting more response than a simple text post this is because, a picture occupies a large amount of your display and is hard to ignore. Furthermore his messages are always compelling and begging to be shared without the call to action.

I have been watching these posts over sometime. A lot of Zimbabwean artistes are beginning to embrace content marketing (read about it here). I was glad to see Marques from Rehab make good use of pictures for some weeks but then for some reason he’s been away. I say carry on soldier. anyway let me  show you a few exampl,es of what Munetsi has been doing and leave you  a link to his Chiziviso track here as well in case you aint got that.

Well, hope you can lean something from the veteran rapper.


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