mUnetsi (@incredibleMu) – Dzimwe Nguva Subtly Expresses Suicidal Thoughts

Munetsi has always been known to spit some of the hottest rhymes, usually it’s punchline after punchline but this offering is not on that tip. Dzimwe Nguva is a song about self reflection of a man who has been through a lot mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I guess we may not all the exact struggles spoken by mUnetsi in this piece but we are all finding peace in some areas of our lives and the fact that it speaks about his real life evokes emotion and makes it more relatable. Munetsi is usually known for his witty bars and punchlines or being able to battle other rappers. Today he is battling life and asking questions like why King Pinn had to go? He addresses something about his brain tumor which he also did in Karizma’s Ndombonzani years ago, making it a consistent subject highlighted in his music. He does also talk about problems in a past marriage and pays homage to lost greats of this movement and family.

hungHip-hop has saved him from a lot according to this song. He says listen to it gave him an escape from the worlds torture and pain. It is a reflection also about the the suicidal thoughts he has had and the chorus also talks about death, but there is somehow a light of hope in it. See when any artiste is finally able to vent any frustrations in art; they have departed from the physical expression. Emotion is looking for expression, and the best way sometimes before one gets a gun and does something incredibly stupid to himself or others art may allow them to do it on paper, video or in audio. The cover art has a woman hanging from a rope so it definitely has a suicidal theme.

Beautiful track. I suggest you get it below.

Download it here.


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