mUnetsi Does 7 Minute Freestyle On Zaangoma Episode 2 (@Zaangoma x @incrediblemU)

mUnetsi  features on the freshest episode of Zaangoma, firstly reviewing a Zimbabwean Hip-hop video titled Mushikashika by Nick Bwai, Cutty Beats, Zarzu, Vito and GFingers. He then zones into a 7 minute freestyle rap at HWMiT Studios in Belgravia. The set is legit with Sharky (Soko Matemai) doing a one on one with the Chitungwiza freestyle prodigy in probably the hottest studio in Harare. Sharky, being the ideal protégé of mU smiles throughout the show as if to say, “Yeah yeah we here now.”

Another thing to note is that mUnetsi constructed the instrumental that he freestyled to. He also proved however that he didn’t do a  prewritten by being witty and crafty with the surroundings. 7 minutes was never part of our plan at Zaangoma but could we stop the Unstoppable? I remember Quence asking if it was OK to have that length and we sat down and thought that fans would appreciate mUnetsi uncut.

The U in mU is for Unstoppable and now you know why.

The earliest emcee to ever freestyle on a Zaangoma project was Noble Stylz. The freestyle in the dark. However R.Peels is the first to kick it on a proper episode when the idea had graduated into something tangible.  Zaangoma has affection for this top of the dome freestyle thing and every season is promising to be seasoned with phenomenal emcees from the old cohort of Zim Hip-hop and the new.

I (Mcpotar) was on the set with yet another living legend I grew up bumping to on TV. Shingirai(formerly  Mau Mau) gave his perspective on the song by Courtney Antipas (formerly Ill Ceey). It was an honour to have him there since he has been on his spiritual path, expressing his faith. The first episode of Zaangoma had Begotten Sun on the set because Zaangoma has respect for the pioneers that laid the first bricks to Zimbabwean Hip-hop. On the other hand we allow these pioneers to review the new school so that we create a balance and allow them both a space.

Other artistes that have been promoted by Zaangoma are Myke Pimp, Baller, Mclyne and Taz The Prince. The Zaangoma theme music is a product of The Hitmen (Rayo, Nagz and Russell). We also have Tadiwa bringing the heat as the show begins this time with the help of Fufu Losso of God Is Able Store.

Hip-hop in Zimbabwe had its years of suppression under the urban grooves tag and in 2015 we plan to spread Zimbabwean Hip-hop and make sure it gets its rightful tag. Special thanks to Zim Sun Clothing and God is able store for dressing us for this episode.

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