Mr Kata Shares Stories About Girls In His EP #SUTBMG

I found my head nodding to to the rhythm of Michael Kata’s latest offering this week as i rolled into town. Particularly a song titled “She Used to Be My Girlfriend” which is the title track of the 5 track EP.

As a Bulawayo boy I could relate to his reality. Not that I’ve lived in it but I have to many homeboys back home living exactly what his lyrics were saying, especially those that grew up in my time when Brass Monkey was a hit. All of that is contained in this song.

The drunken driving, traffic cop bribery and your booty call finally getting married by a decent dude and you chilling there tipsy with your friends saying, “She used to be my girl”.

“It’s basically stories about women.” He said.

“This project is actually in loving memory of my young brother who passed away in 2014 on the same of the release 18 March. That’s why it’s more like a time capsule”

My heartfelt condolences to Kata’s brother.

Well that’s not only a Bulawayo reality is it, it’s universal but I guess the locations and type of slang brought it closer. Michael Kata is a great lyricist and inspires hard-work on the hustle in this young catalog. I wish he had put it up for download on an easier platform. But well let me share his links as they are.

Sentimental featuring Percy

Born For This feat Blazey Boi

She Used To Be My Girlfriend

Tear (Part One)


This Is Town Girl

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