More Zimbabwean Artists Should Use Content Marketing To Increase Their Reach

I always like sharing with you what I would have been selfish with. If you follow my blog-posts, in between the reviews, rants and song releases, there is always something I want to share to help fellow artists because I would like Zim Hip-hop to be very competitive. If it has to be competitive, everyone has to be a challenge. Today I will reveal to you a strategy known as content marketing, I have been learning about it for over a year though I have used it unknowingly longer than that.

According to Seth Godin, content marketing is the only marketing left (Seth Godin is probably the biggest marketer of our time you want to Google the guy). Now by content I mean, downloads, articles, e-books, Facebook posts etc. Content is very valuable in marketing these days and influences people far more than adverts. Adverts have seized to work and people just ignore them, people filter groups, email notifications and basically talk other business in between Television adverts while waiting for Generations to resume. When you jump onto a website containing adverts on the sidebars and headers your eyes naturally skip them so you can read the great article. Interruption and spam do not cut it anymore. The best marketing model has become creating good content that your target audience can resonate with so that they keep coming for more and eventually opt in to your services by subscribing or following your page. You build a relationship with them and that will eventually turn into the sale of tickets , the download of a song or sale of a music album.

The old model of marketing worked in its time as much as firewood worked before nuclear power stations. The economies that quickly embraced the new form of energy are doing better. I will tell you today that Tehn Diamond’s blog is not just a landing page for his mixtapes or sales for Happy Tee’s, he has a blog area where articles are written by different people on a regular basis. I will tell you today that Zimba Nice has generated a lot of likes from pasting relevant news and information to its audience. Over 20 comments would have populated a post by the time you get onto their post on a day when you’re having dodgy network. One day when they put up a Trevor Dongo download link you will more readily see and follow it because you trust links shared by the page perhaps (if you don’t mind the guy). The content you put on that page, blog or even personal profile should resonate with your target audience and make them engage. It should never be self centered, remember social networks are “social networks”. There is no vending license for selling fish on Facebook, but there is a “share” button.

Traditional Marketing Interupts People while content Marketing Gives Valuable Information.

Social Networks where not built for conventional advertising. They were built for people to connect and find people of similar interests (tribes). As long as you understand that primary motive of a social network you will stop making your Facebook page only about your Reverbnation links, how many awards you have and how dope you are but rather post in order to connect with an audience you want to grow. You may use all the tricks in the world to fatten that little page to 3,000 likes but with a poor content marketing strategy only 20 will be talking about it. See that number of people talking about this feature should really be taken seriously. It means a lot.

In this age people buy products because of referrals and relationships. After you build a relationship with them, they will share (refer) you to their friends and the chain goes on by word of mouse. Since human nature is to hate being left out, your movement will begin to grow faster and faster than it was and you will have a family that is ready to appreciate what you offer. Another thing is if your content is really useful, compelling or funny even selfish people are inclined to share it with at least one friend and link them to the source.

Content Is Definitel King In The World Of Marketing

I always say blogging is like jogging. It takes time to see the effects. By blogging I do not only mean Wordperess, Blogger and Tumblr, even twitter is referred to as a microblog. If you look at a typical Anonzi Xndr Facebook post, you will notice it lasts in your news feed for 3 days with over 64 comments perhaps. That’s how he is utilizing content to stay visible online, next time he drops a link on his wall it will be visible to more people because of an algorithm called Edge rank. The rule is simple, the more people that comment, share or like what you post, the more your other posts consistently appear in their news feed. I guess as you read this and look at successful pushers you’re starting to notice a trend and everything is beginning to make sense. Even some people who use this strategy well, may not have known this. Knowledge is power.

It’s really simple to create good content, just make it useful and compelling. Identify a need and bring the solution and very soon you will be followed by those who want that need addressed. They will certainly not come in one night because ideas take time to spread but eventually they do. From now on get into the habit of creating relevant content regularly, so that you can post to which ever platform you use. Do not be worried about a large following at this point, even Jesus’ teachings were adopted first by 12, yet now Arenas are filled for people to hear them around the globe approximately 2000 years later. Just push that stuff and make it worth sharing. If you read good  advice, practice it. I’ll leave you with a quote from one of the greatest thought leaders of our time…

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.”– Seth Godin


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