MMT ‘s Mc Cut Returns By Throwing Shots At Twitter Rappers?

After a hibernating from the mic-stretch, lyricist Mc Cut decides to return with this new track titled “Tasvika” in typical REHAB style. Note that by “typical REHAB style” I mean it has a few shots in it to capture online attention. Of course the Minister of Controversy and Higher Shade-itation, Anonzi Xndr Mutumha produced it.

The intro commences on the provocative line, “You see the funny thing with you niggas?… The only time  you get played in the club is when I’m with your b****h” to which he laughs.

Mc Cut has been quiet for a while, met him at Miles and Marcques’ LIT Album Launch where we had a brief chat on his intentions to drop new music in 2016. The last time we had interacted with Cut was after I accused his group Team Bho for buying views. My satire stretched a little bit too far, as it always does, which led to me getting blocked by the team on Facebook but recent developments prove that we are over that.

My archives here at also prove that I have never undermined Mc Cut as an artiste. Not a single awful review except the accusation on view buying, which wasn’t actually an opinion on the quality of the song but rather it’s marketing methodology.

Twitter became more interesting when the rapper accused old time rivals of the “The North” (in Xndr’s language) of misdirecting people to a fake soundcloud. The game of thrones again, it’s 2013 all over again some say. The non-twitter emcee claims, the track had already made ‘traction on Whatsapp.

The hashtag was apparently hi-jacked on twitter and redirected to the wrong link but of course @Marbarsayaaaa is not worried about that right? He is not a twitter rapper (despite sharing links on it on the platform, oro it’s Trevor Dongo’s publicist). Sometimes Zim Hip-hop is more interesting than world politics. Provocations, shots and creative foul-play.

 “Twitter rappers career rinopera when you sign out/

Motherf***rs talk about me so much vane dry mouth/”

 My favourite line. There’s a lot more though….

I swear if you didn’t subscribe your DSTV, you can watch Zim Hip-hop comedy unfold in your timeline every night.

I think it’s a decent track, Mc Cut fans love it but my  Hip-hop head artiste friends think he slacked from his level. However I argue that Mc Cut does not make music to impress other rappers. So if his fans are fed, they are fed.

No artwork. Xndr says it was done in 30minutes…


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