Miss Mona Promoting Another Side of Urban Culture

Urban culture is a term thrown around often to define the typically secular life-style in urban communities. The night-life, the parties, music, sexually freed fashion and even the way people hook up. What we forget to talk about is the spiritual-religious side of urban culture.

Monalisa K. Chishato has determined to provide us notes on that through her new Christian blog premised The Cross Lifestyle. The youthful born again Social Worker, writer and voice presenter has been on a path to find a Christian purpose through her inclinations since 2016.

Miss Mona, as some know her is not new to the blogosphere. She was already running http://www.missmona263.wordpress.com even before committing fully to ministry. It has of course been a journey, roadblocks, lay-byes and recess. She previously also penned articles for multi-award winning blog http://www.zimbuzz.co.zw but both of the mentioned blogs were more inclined to non-spiritual subjects, sometimes even opinions that would interfere with the beliefs she now spreads within the new blog.

The new blog http://thecrosslifestyle.wordpresss.com gives daily devotionals and scriptural articles that can help the urbanite find themselves in Christ since most bogs are pretty much about the dark side of the world.

The messaging style is not too complicated to comprehend, she has made it very easy for any level of knowledge seeker to get the word and apply it. For the most part she tends to prefer to deal with one interpretation of scripture per given article. Hopefully it stimulates discussion as other growing believers share the way the understood it.

The advantage of this is that she speaks from the perspective of a person who is not judgmental to “the world”. Having been formerly in touch with the secular arts society, there are likely to be fewer unfair biases, prejudices and fallacious judgements presented in the ministerial work. This should not be confused with sugar coating un-Christain practices of course.

Owning such an initiative is not too say that she has assumed perfection but rather to say she is preferring to have a conversation about how she understood Galatians 5 maybe versus a an article on a what she understood from a sex scene in Movie XYZ.

In other words, what I do to a Zim Hip-hop verse, breaking it down and giving context. She does that with Bible verse, breaking it down to build us up.

In as much as it does not hold her perfect, it holds her greatly responsible for many that will read and  share. It  challenges her to live responsibly, abiding by what she is calling others to partake in, as leadership begins with the self.

I personally have been inspired by most of the pieces she chooses to share and I have seen them improve in writing style and boldness.

I urge you go out and check out this incredible initiative as it grows into something that will touch different lives out.

Whether you think you are no longer a baby Christian to vibe with her level of interpretation or not, share it to those who need that before they get to your level.


The link is http://thecrosslifestyle.wordpress.com .

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