Mile’s “Ghost”Crowns Him Amongst New School Kings (@263mile)

It’s a gift to be able to write hard lyrics and metaphors, it’s a bigger gift to be able to deliver them. Now what if you can write, deliver and sing?


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We all know that’s a rare type of concoction, it doesn’t happen pretty often. Drake and 50 Cent were able to pull it off and it gave them a competitive edge but I swear if you haven’t you should give an ear to our new school King Mile.  Listening to his “Ghost” album I was amazed at the execution, it really felt like a project that came out of a major label like Interscope. The kid has been given props by Spekk and begotten Sun amongst other Hip-hop opinion leaders. I also featured him for this very reason in the September edition of E.C.H.O IT Magazine which is a Nigerian publication.

Export quality production and bars throughout the project. I particularly love the melodies in Stain Glass. Mile manages manage to bring back that mellow sound we had when Genuwine was relevant in America. His RnB game is Jagged Edge, it’s Neyo, it’s 112 all in one. If you heard this project without being told where he is from you’d probably assume it were from New York. Other songs to watch out for are Talk About, FWYH and Big Deal. These are just my personal favourites but there is more in this 15 track catalogue.

I love it when rappers execute English and it it’s seamless, without feeling forced. The enunciation is industry standard and this song with enough push can break new grounds for Zimbabwean Hip-hop. Mile for me is easily one of the top 7 new school kings of this time. Whoever hasn’t seen this yet is underrating him.

Xndr did well with the executive production. Some of the instrumentals came from Youngnash (popular for Zvidhori beat).

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