Mile loads his rifle to Cashbid’s Eardrum In “FWYH”

I took time to write on this one as I was travelling  plus 8L called  upon bloogers to stop stimulating and provoking beef. However I think the case in in this one is simply healthy competition. Before you proceed… download this gem below.


Mile, one of the future Kings of Zimbabwean Hip-hop, is a fast rising hip-hop emcee with great bars. Some have said his style resembles Drake but personally I listen to him and find a Zimbo kid who has  his own path. We were all influenced by one rapper or another but we can’t deny his lyrical prowess. Things just got hotter as Mile replied to Cashbid’s Ventilation [Find It Here]. He on Friday night dropped F*** What You Heard. (Get the download link up there)

I love this song because Mile has a style which can compete with the lyrical power of Cashbid. Had the attacked individuals in Ventilation replied for themselves they would have fell dismally so it’s quite obvious Mile is avenging on behalf of his brothers (Team Bho). Mile, is the right man for this, he was built to hit bars subliminally with a cadence that can compete with the rivals. Though he was not shot by Ventilation himself it was indeed wiser for rehab to put him to the task.

The main shade thrown was at Cashbid was probably a feature he tried to get with Mile, which as it seems in the song probably was declined. There is naturally some braggadocio raps as you will find in any diss track. He also however seems to take offense in shots thrown in Ventilation, which Cashbid said were not directed at him.

Personally on listening to Ventilation I also didn’t see where Mile was dissed unless I’m missing a few facts. The only logical reason Mile would reply Ventilation is that he is one of the few artistes in Rehab to take on someone like Cashbid. See Rehab as a unit, knows it’s strengths and weaknesses and all artistes in it are loyal to Xndr of course, because he has great industry influence across some blogs, radio, promoters and so forth. It is only right that his artistes to retaliate with anyone who touches their family.

Like I said during the week, “If Zim Hip-hop were as united as Rehab, we would be dope,”


Somehow because under that post I saw people throw shade at Xndr’s artistes I feel it provoked Mile to stand his ground. I mean Faceless and Noble Stylz made fun of the prowess of Rehab artistes and so forth and even before Mile commented. I knew he was going to react. My mind thinks ahead.

Anyway enjoy and share this track.

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