Meyniak May Be Better Than Most Hip-hop Artistes (@Meyniak_Artist)

I caught myself listening to the music of Meyniak,  a Zimbabwean based Hip-hop artiste who is signed to Big Shots (G-Records). The music was powerful and resonated with m mind at a soulful level. I figured that Meyniak is more than the music.

His music is a paintbrush and our minds are the canvas. His debut album Before Dawn The Sire is probably one of the best album created in a while in Zimbabwe. It is a 2014 production but I had never talked about it because it was so deep I needed time to get acquainted with it. What I like is he didn’t create an album to attract radio play and sacrifice the soul of the art. The artiste gave his time to create dope lyrics that spark the mind of a listener.

Meyniak Artiste

Bar for bar he has dethroned many that do get the recognition and when you create beautiful music like this it is not about the statistics or public image. Songs like Angels and Alive which both feature a talented musician both question and challenge popular belief or perceptions in an intellectual way. I think Meyniak is at home with these concepts.

Of course I smiled on hearing the mention on Crank “Mcpotar told me son start ba brand new order,” but Angels is a personal favourite. Crank on the other hand is very lyrical and features Sharky who obviously ran his own 16. I don’t like to compare the 2 but I’d say Meyniak to English bars is what Sharky is with Shona bars. The 2 artistes have worked together, developed each other and compliment each other. It is pretty sad when blogs and so forth (like this one) do not pick up on Meyniaks new material as fast as Sharky’s but I guess then it has been a matter of accessibility.

Meyniak is incredible with delivery and syllables and he is an unsung hero in G-Records perhaps because of his busy schedule with Scholarly stuff he hasn’t had much time to build ground on facebook on twitter. Talking about the art however he offers a lot of competition lyrically to celebrated artistes like Synik, Sharky, Tehn Diamond, Kapital K and Karma.

Talent alone however doesn’t seem to create the stardom we need but given the right advice or agents he can indeed cash in on underground and mainstream success. With no doubt Before Dawn The Sire was better than most projects even nominated for Hip-hop awards but of course a lot is considered at awards and his album didn’t match those criterion as far as mileage and visibility.

It makes one wish there were awards based on the art only minus the number of club hits, rotation and so forth from a particular album.

With all this said, support the artiste by coming through to this link to get his music.

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