Meyniak Graduates From Rap Peasantry In Latest Single(@meyniak_artist)

Its captivating how the most untalked  about hip hop characters always bring out fire on the mic with each release they make and recent University of Zimbabwe graduate Meyniak’s name comes to mind.You might know him from his affiliations with the Big Shots.A few of you might know him as that non vernacular rapping guy from the 2014 album Before Dawn The Sire.You might have bought that album or like me begged him to put it on a usb flash(I couldn’t afford it back then ).Either way, Meyniak has been  in the game for quite some time and its still a rap mystery  whether we have been sleeping on such a hive of talent  or the rapper has been selling himself short from being mentioned among those who are making it in hip hop within Zimbabwe.

His latest release ‘I Peasant, a remake to R peels ‘Where Did King Go’ almost projected in the form of a rant is a mixed bag of musical emotions all pinning down to be heard with remarkably consistent bars that are savaged throughout the song.It is a much needed dose of rap medicine from the mediocre rap we might have gotten used to for a while  and what makes this production exceptional is how Meyniak manages to own the song despite it being a remix and how he manages to stay in touch with the beat using his voice percussively  (voice projection,rapping techniques)

Meyniak is able to finesse his suburban language  without straying too far from the subject matter-him being a mere peasant in the eyes of hip hop.He addresses various undertones,one that sticks out and holds familiarity  to most upcoming artistes is that of ‘never been to Hifa,never been to Shoko’.The two festivals have been known to groom local talent but only a few hip hop artistes have enjoyed the fruits of performing on such a broader base.

As far as his lyrical delivery on the project,Meyniak  depends heavily on the presence of his signature rap style with audio snippets that provide humour to a serious subject.Ironically the same song that he bares his soul of being underplayed has graduated him from a peasant to an African Hip Hop Blog featured artiste and has landed him more  listeners  to his art.It’s high time hip hop stops sleeping on new kings.Grind further Meyniak.

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