Meister Pens Open Letter

It’s open letter season and Zimbabweans have caught the  “Yours Truly” flu. The craziest of them are sending open letters to “bae” on their walls. No lie, we saw a certain producer in our midst go through this recently didn’t we? 

We’ve all read the different ones aimed at Pastor Evan Mawarire as well. I have mixed feelings about those but let’s get to the music.

The Masofa Panze affiliated lyricist Meister could not be left out thus he recently released a lyrical letter  to help us see through his minds eye and know who he is. Well his is not attacking politicians, pastors or presidents. It’s a personal poetic piece.


The song is titled Tafadzwa, named after him. Yes, now we know his government name! It features the mellow male R’n’B vocal virtuoso, Jay Mashaire who managed to blend into the soulful tune seamlessly.

“Tafadzwa is about Tafadzwa a letter to everyone who wishes to understand this human being”- Meister said.

Personally listening to it I also see it as a letter to himself. He mentions how people judge and view the same things from different framings. For instance he makes a very interesting analogy between a kombi (commuter omnibus) and an Ambulance, where he mentions how a kombi is frowned upon, yet an ambulance is just another kombi with a different use.

Various thought provoking lines are spat on this offering and a blogpost can never adequately decode it all. Perhaps he should paste these ones to and highlight the meanings although for the most part what he is saying is not jargon.

It’s understandable but thought provoking.

Tafadzwa comes after a long silence from the rapper who last dropped a freestyle in the same year he had a video for his debut video Vakafa Vakazorora which featured both Noble Stylz and Blacperl.

He says, Tafadzwa is a song he penned on the 9th of August, 2016 whilst going through a lot of things.

“The beat was made by Gee Beats the guy who makes all my beats in China at the moment then I received the instrumental and gave it to Casper Beats who then suggested theres a band he would like to play a part. They came to the studio did their thang then Jay wasn’t available for a while then he came to do his thang 5 days after my verse then a son was made.” – He narrated.

We look forward to his debut Sekutamba Sekuseka project and he personally promised that it would drop live on air.

“Full album is coming November this year to be launched live on air,” he concluded.


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