Meister’s (@MeisterMinds) Sekutamba Sekuseka – On Ma Born Free Beat

Sipping coffee on a frustrating evening my mouse happened to hover on Meister’s Sekutamba Sekuseka which is a freestyle on Noble Stylz and Trae Yung’s – Ma Born Free beat. I felt a little frustration ease off to the wordplay in his verse. Sometimes writing is what I do to escape mental scars, so let’s talk about this Ma Born Free freestyle and what it means to me.

For those who don’t already know, the term Born Free is used to identify anyone who was born after Zimbabwe gained independence. We love our sovereignty and we love to have been boprn in such a beautiful time where we can put bars on beats and blog about it later on while sipping on good coffee in Zimbabwean winter. I definitely got this one a while back but I’ve been lazy, been going through some mind stuff. Sometimes I wake up and hip-hop is a thing I don’t really want to talk about.

I think the freestyle is so punchline filled it actually beats some of my written rhymes to be honest.  Meister is very good when it comes to wordplay, metaphors and similes that surprize listeners. He has a good flow and perhaps it would be more ruthless if he put some aggression in it. He gives props to his good friend Noble Stylz and clarifies how he was not left out of the remix but rather he declined the opportunity to be on the remix. He advises Noble to stay focused and not pay attention to Xndr. Well Noble recently featured at a show with Rehab I think relations with Masofa Panze and Rehab are looking productive now. I have always been for the opinion that they capitalize on the buzz they created out of beef and if they understand each other now that’s deep.

Meister has been dropping heat this year. Earlier he gave us Vakafa Vakazorora and then invested in a magnificent video. Which was covered on Zimlink by Sharky here. I will be taking time to listen to his newest offering. Hakuna Mumwe. Thought I had downloaded it at the café but I am seeing that it is not amongst my new downloads. I told him sometime that “Hakuna Mumwe” was getting unlucky with me.

Feel a lot better after this post. Get the music y’all ——. Download Sekutamba Sekuseka On Hulkshare

Feel free to Download Hakuna Mumwe Here

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