Meister, Noble Styles & Blacperl -Vakafa Vakazorora Review Plus free Hip Hop Song Download

Vakafa Vakazorora Review Plus free Hip Hop Song Download

I told you that Meister, Noble Stylez and Blacperl where working on a single called Vakafa Vakazorora last week. I told you how the song arrangement would be according to them but I definitely avoided hyping the song before hearing it myself. We bloggers have a tendency to say everything is dope, because artists inbox us what to say at times lol. So most times, I simply ask artists, if they want an article to announce the song or a review because those are 2 different things.

Free Indie Music Hip-hop Mp3However, after listening to Vakafa Vakazorora three times I can safely say it is indeed a dope hip hop song and the production quality is an upgrade from the average Masofa Panze album track. Meister actually surprised me, I listened to his Magic rap song and I thought he was just alright, in fact I reviewed him in his inbox, but in this track I believe he had enough lyricism not to be overpowered by Noble Stylz wordplay. Meister had great lyrics for days; for Noble Stylez it’s now a usual, you already know he’s going to shock you with each line. He is like Munetsi but with a pen.

The chorus was basic but catchy and Blacperl managed to drop a few bars in the last verse which they shared. A beautiful, rarely used hip hop concept. I recommend that Meister stay on this new path, he’s better at mixed language lyricism and sounds more natural than he does in the tracks I first heard though they are also good. Meanwhile Noble has engraved his name on the wall of wordplay masters. I’m sure the more Blacperl plays with these guys she will get doper but she was actually brilliant on this one. Most people who think Hip hop = lyricism in English will shoot down this song a s urban grooves, as it has a typical local feel to the beat, but then again, I believe that’s the Zimbabwean identity in Hip-hop. Why would we want to have a Southside trap beat, instead of a Masvingo beat?

I’m not sure who produced the beat, blame it on the artists but whoever he is, keep doing what you do.

Download The Free Hip hop Mp3- Vakafa Vakazorora

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