Meet The Zimbo Who Gets Paid Big From Hip-hop – @BegottenSun

Zimbabwean Hip-hop is always looked down upon by rappers themselves and fans alike. They claim that one can never monetize this genre and it’s a hobby. Well I know a lot of men who drive good cars (not even Befoward), have great houses and studios and they live among us. One of these men is Begotten Sun. (not Begotten Son as I have seen in some of your posters)

Begotten Sun.- Who is he?

Well honestly I started knowing of Begotten Sun from Synik’s Syn City project but his involvement in Zimbabwean Hip-hop stretches far before that time. Probably some emcees that spit bars today where not even close to being born. Today I get to share an interview I did with the man who is also known as Kudakwashe Musasiwa.

The pioneer has managed to blend Hip-hop with African instruments such as mbira and hosho and has actually been acquainted with major record label executives such as Ivy Gotti and Diddy on a one on one basis. His ability to bring a rare breed of Hip-hop instrumentals has afforded him a beautiful home in Malbereign known to many as Mt. Olympus. Kuda indeed bought that house through money he made from the music industry.

Mt Olympus
Begotten Sun – Mt Olympus – A house built from playing well in the Hip-hop industry.

He seems to have a thing about mythology and such and such. You know… esoteric knowledge. Mt. Olympus is a the highest mountain in Greece which in their mythology is known as the home of the 12 Greek Gods… and well Begotten Sun’s crib is on a Hill and his pseudonym is aligned with “gods”.

Did I mention, he is part of DKR -Gudo Guru (read about them here link opens in new tab), which won NAMA 2015 Most Outstanding Video. They did an album titled Changamire which is available on this website (click here – opens in yet another tab).

Nama Winner Outstanding Video 2015

The intellect and creativity is insanely dope. Just had to interrupt the Producer/ Hip-hop Emcee/ entrepreneur/ Alternative thinker and slash all that other stuff I left out. I requested a Whatsapp interview and the man was like sure? And we kicked it. Read the conversation below.

How did the name Begotten Sun come about & is this the only pseudonym you have worked under?

My father being a man of the cloth used to refer to me and my brother as his Begotten sons (John 3.16).  I have used Kudakwashe and K.Y.N also professionally.

How long have you been in Hiphop & which year did you decide to start approaching it as a means to an end.

Started rapping in 1988 inspired by Public Enemy and NWA as I was the only black kid in an all white school.

He was the only black child in a white school
He was the only black child in a white school

Wow that’s like the year I was born man. Please tell a little brother briefly about the countries you have been to pursuing the art.

A Brief stint in the USA 15 years in the UK and Zim. Grew up in my childhood in Australia

Wow so I’m sure you’ve met people of different beliefs and cultures. We see a lot African culture expressed through your music and opinions. On the other hand a lot of people I have met believe you have unpopular or alternative beliefs on religion, race and politics. Would Begotten Sun produce a Christian Rap artiste or anything representing religion?

Begotten Looking Like Biggie
Begotten Looking Like Biggie

Shingirayi Ndamutswa has my production credits alongside Xndr. I am not anti religion. Mandi Ngarifare an entire gospel album also Macdonald Kachingwe Handidzokere  Shure another entirely Gospel album.

That’s great, on the political side. Whilst working on the DKR album did you have any fears in expressing the Zim socio-political atmosphere.

No personal fear, but those around me where very afraid at a stage. I don’t believe we need to be afraid to express ourselves as long as we are not breaking the laws of the Republic.

There was no disrespect expressed.

No fingers pointed.

No insults.

Do you hold any beliefs that Hip-hop has power to inflict any paradigms in politics in Africa?


It’s one of the most culturally transforming forms of music. Notice how ZimDancehall rules Zimbabwe with a majority of then actually MCing and dressed pachi Hiphop

DKR, King Pinn, Godobori, Outspoken amongst other old school emcees have spoken out on politics in their different opinions. Do you think that new guys have been courageous enough to touch those areas?

Non have. However we are seeing the rise of the new improved.  Synik, Tehn Diamond, Jnr Brown. Sharky.  It looks like Hip-hop is now starting to say something again.

Who are your top 7 artistes in Zimbabwean Hiphop?






Trae Yung

Noble Stylz

There you have it. My battery died before I could ask more but you can check out the DKR- Gudo Guru – Changamire album via their website below.

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