Meet the new hottest femcee on the mic,Icy Murda

…and  why she is 50 shades of KILL

       Hip hop from its distinct roots has always been a male dominated  culture with a few females who found their way into the movement being termed ruffnecks.  From its growth till now women are still yet to stand out against their male rap counterparts in terms of flows and style.My brother always said that the easiest job in the world was being a female rapper:all you needed was a dope beat and to go naked on the videos.But i still feel that  is not true.Female rappers more than anyone have to put in twice as much hard work to stand out.This can be noted   in the feisty 22 year old Icy Murda who came first  last year on Prometheus Zim Rap Cities.She is gangsta,she knows 10922724_810063579062421_4315806994984108778_nwhat she wants and she wont stop until she gets straight to the top.Born in the city of Kings and Queens ,Icy Murda is definitely one queen to watch.Very humbe and goal driven Icy Murda has put out a great number of works ,the recent  one being’ Put it on repeat’ featuring the young rising  emcee Baller Mandizha.The song has been receiving vast airplay on the radio stations therefore putting her on the  Zimbabwe hip hop map as an undeniable force to reckon with.She might be new but she is definitely one act to watch for the year 2015.I caught up with her to discuss her career as of late,music in S.A and her future projects for the year 2015.


MIMY:Why Icy Murda?What was  the inspiration behind your stage name and where are you originally from ?

ICY MURDA:Well Icy(cold)Murda(derived from murder) came about funny actually.I was a participant in the school of Arts Club where people would randomly showcase their talents.When ever I was about to drop something,my click would be like ‘Its about to be cold blooded murder on the beat yall’ and hence somebody yelled out ‘Icy Murda.Thats how i got the a.ka.I was born in Bulawayo and only moved to S.A six years ago.

MIMY:  When did you realize you weren’t just an ordinary girl and you wanted to rap?

ICY MURDA:When I was 8-10 years of age.I was into poetry inspired hip hop, mainly because my brothers listened to it and I also did.

MIMY:How do you describe your musical style?

ICY MURDA:Well,conscious rap,though I’m feeling like I should break out of the cocoon and blossom into mainstream touch to it.

MIMY:Where do you stem your biggest musical influences from?

ICY MURDA:Well that would be Nas especially the STILLMATIC album and BIG tracks like Juicy.Mainly its old skool rap for me because back then that was music and it was hard core.As for femcees I’d say Foxxy Brown,Lil Kim and Da Brat.

MIMY:Me being judgemental,It  has always seemed that any girl with an attitude thinks they can produce magic on the mic.What defines you as a female rapper and what sets you apart from other Zimbabwean female emcees?


ICY MURDA:Well,what distinguishes me from everybody else ,I feel is the gangsta in me.I like to keep that ‘lets take it to the streets feel’.I appreciate the ghetto because that’s what made me and I have no regret whatsoever of who I have become.Instead of picturing the colour of my music as feminine pink,I see it as black if it could be a painting.

MIMY: Do you think female emcees are being slept on or they are sleeping on the game ?

ICY MURDA: I have nothing but respect no doubt for every female rapper around.I would like rather for us to be able to create an atmosphere whereby we support each other and only by that we can be something big and better and a force to reckon with.

MIMY: Judging from being one of the upcoming femcees who do you feel is queen of the mic at the moment?

ICY MURDA:I cant really tell because I’m not one of the spectators. I’m a ‘doer’ hence rather let those that pay attention to hip hop speak for themselves.

MIMY:You are now based in S.A .How has the change influenced your career?

ICY MURDA: Being in SA, my career has been boosted spiritually,mentally and even physically,simply meaning I have a hip hop surrounding that’s extremely influential.And that kind of phenomenon gives you courage as an upcoming artist.And physically,lets just umbrella term it to me discovering the ‘Icy Murda’ image,just like my name it’s not entirely supposed to be feminine.Being here also has allowed me to have freedom of expression ,the right to be me.

MIMY: Your name represents an emcee who is out to kill.Being a Zimbabwean female rapper do you feel there is yet any  competition for you?

ICY  MURDA: Yes I’m out to kill but competition  is not really what I would focus on for now,what I’m looking forward to is being heard. Competition is about who has so much swag or whose got money to push  themselves etc nah.See I’m doing this for me and those that respect Hip Hop like I do.The legacy lives on through me and I’m out to pursue my dream and kill any form of obstacles that want to derail me from my personal goals.

MIMY:  Who are some of the artists you have collaborated and worked with in your career?

ICY MURDA: I’ve worked with S.A rappers that include Doliket,Logic,Tina,Pizzi,Effie,Modise.Zimbabwe based rappers include Baller (Dollarsign Music),Treby,Chase tha Beast and finally people from my crew G.P.M.G(Get Paper Music Group)established by Thuso,Bhuda Bles,Flex and Jah.

MIMY: Any projects we might expect from you this year?

ICY MURDA: Well an album in the making for now I merely have singles getting air play.

MIMY:What are your distinct high and low moments you have encountered as a female rapper?

ICY MURDA: My most low till now is when I approached a manager once intending to organise a show then it turned out he was seemingly flirty.I felt like being a woman is partially a curse at times especially in this industry.However things like that are meant to help you get aware of how challenging it is to be a female rapper.My high moment is every time I’m on stage,killing it like my name states.

MIMY:As of now do you feel like other male rappers have accepted you as an emcee or there is still that level of lowering you because you are female?

ICY MURDA:I think they have embraced me and when it comes to being lowered, not even.In fact you would find out that most artists I’ve worked with and fellow rappers I interact with are male.Respect is a two-way thing.

You can follow her @IcyFRE on twitter.If you haven’t heard her new track Put it On Repeat produced by Tasha Mwana Wa Mai you can check it out here on this link.Beefy,I think I just copped you a female rapper nominee here.



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