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The Marketing- Guy Datuk Mohawk

It is the 21st Century and a lot of people and companies have since caught on to the concept of blogging and running Facebook pages. They just heard that it is a new branch of marketing but have no idea hope to use it to the maximum. However they still assign people who know very little about viral marketing to run the page. Their pages were last updated long ago and have few likes. On the other hand, some companies have harvested tens of thousands of likes through sponsored links. But what’s a page with 10,000 likes when 20 people are talking about it.

There is a rising need for social media experts who focus primarily on that, traditional advertising doesn’t quite cut it anymore, people are now influenced by social media trends much more that’s why clever companies are hiring consultants.  Well I know of this one guy we call The Marketing Guy or Datuk Mohawk, he has  worked with many groups and companies in Zimbabwe, Malaysia and South Africa to boost their presence. He has been involved in various projects in different countries mainly Norway, Malaysia ,South Africa  and Botswana. The marketing guy is by profession a graphic designer, a stylist, publicist and image consultant.

So what this guy basically does is look at the product you’re struggling to push, be it music , or shoes. He conducts market research and analysis of the product. Come up with a social-marketing strategy tailor-made for your product regardless of what the product is. Many would like to stick to the free side of social media but then that’s why they do not yield benefits. If you are an artist for example you already don’t mind paying for all that studio time after which you fail to sell your good product because you didn’t get experts to push your work. All that money spent at recording studios is lost because the final product didn’t sell. All you will ever get is street credit for having some of the best lyrics from an audience that is not prepared to fork out money for anything you do. The marketing guy also has a 7 point marketing strategy that he is promoting.

He’s worked in Norway doing developmental work ,also put in a lot of work in Malaysia working with different event organizers from all over the world .More recently was working with an Escalate Events ( a company based in South Africa and Blaqthread (  another south African based  upcoming fashion house that’s involved in arts development as well.

The pages he has worked with all rake over 3,000 likes in a short time space and also gaining their real target audience, like we said, what is a 10,000 like page with 20 people interacting with it. You much rather have 1,000 likes and 300 talking about it.


“I am currently working with AKIDWIT_NO _TAHG( ) Bulawayo based Indie-rapper/producer, seeing being the executive producer on his next mixtape .Also working with ATRS(A Traditionally Rooted Society) clothing label .Also the Publicist for Twerk Squad Zimbabwe( ) a twerking group based in Zimbabwe that is currently getting a lot of attention. Currently in talks with a Botswana based music producer and UK based model, presenter on signing them on.”- he told us.

You can definitely get in touch with this guy via.

FACEBOOK :Datuk Mohawk

TWITTER: @datukmohawk

WHATSAPP : 0027848844373 (coming soon)

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