Meet The Fixx Queen – DJ SenyaRitah (@LitahKSage)

If you are in touch with Zimbabwean Hip-hop then you probably listen to the Fixx on Friday nights after 9pm. The show is hosted by Mc Chita and DJ SenyaRitah and show cases a lot of known and upcoming hip-hop material from around the country. Occassionally they have an interview with a music industry person or artiste, from Tehn Diamond, Cal_Vin to Ti Gonzi among others.

Fans, artistes and hip-hop enthusiasts get to interact via the ZiFM Whatsapp platform and opinions are read by the ever ecstatic DJ SenyaRitah. I decided to link up with her and ask her more about her grind, because I think it would be exciting for fans of the fix.

“I am The Mother of HipHop and Rap Poet born and bred in drums beat drops cues and endless artistry. Eneritha N Mufara repping Masvingo ne carpet.” – She said, when I asked her to introduce herself to the world.

A cheerful dreadlocked daughter of Africa, she is not new to the arts. Initially I only knew of her involvement in poetry, little did I know she held much more than that.

“Always been in arts since I was a child and has collected Allied Arts certificates and have been a director, choreographer and vice president for school drama clubs as well as external entities with my lil sister emerging as a reflection of my abilities as she is an aspiring dancer partly influenced by me (or so I wanna believe lol)”


She  jumped onto the public scene seriously in 2014 with the formation of an online radio which suffered economic challenges. In 2015 she then joined ZiFM Stereo on The Fixx  and also became Rap City’s resident DJ with shows almost every Saturday.

“In a nutshell besides being a radio personality I am a MixDj voice over artist and a Poet with poetry and music productions with awsome producers like FunF and Klassiq of GRecords, McLyne and others still in the pipeline. J. Nova, GoldFinga, Frodo, Guluva Se7en are among other artists ive had projects with.  Annihilation, Colonial Soul and Mad Man being the craziest of my creations.”

Well of course artistes do give her hell for her new position. Everybody is getting her number for all the wrong and manipulative reasons.

You know,“Please DJ play my jam. Or else I’ll slit your throat” type of behaviour.

“It’s another endless episode of Ridiculousness thats all I can say…if I where to break it down id probably write a book. A lot of disrespect and a lack of seriousness however not to disregard those who do what they are supposed to and do it right.” – She sighs.

So who does she look up to?

” I got a trust philosophy I chose what I see as definitely beneficial to my existence so for me to look up to you you gotta be body soul and spirit..that…That’s what I believe!”

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