Meet South African Rap Artiste T.H.C

South Africa has many creative artistes, art is part and parcel of their daily lives and they do it well. Zimbabwe and South Africa are siblings and share a common story of colonial oppression. However earlier this year the mayhem during the dreadful xenophobic attacks by a few South African misfits on African foreigners would’ve made one think all South Africans were haters of Zimbabwe.

T-H-C - SS-Bhiko

Today I have a brief interview with a South African rising Hip-hop by the name T.H.Cwho loves Zimbabwe and wants to come here to perform – He has a song titled SS Bhiko which means Stone Steve Bhiko . Here is an interview I had with him.

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Why the name Bhiko? Are you influenced by the political activist?

I was inspired by his passion for his people… black people I feel we need to be together, not apart and he pushed the black consciousness movement and black beauty.


Do you think Steve Bhiko’s vision has been seen in South Africa?

Partly, that’s what inspired the song. I felt like I had to come in and tell them how a spectator who is watching this, with the same thoughts as Steve Bhiko but in a higher conscious. I feel like, instead of being apart as Africans we need to unite and appreciate each other’s culture.

What was your first interaction with hip-hop?

My first interaction was when i first became conscious. It’s been part of my life since I “woke up”.

Who were the first artistes you listened to and who do you listen to now.

First artistes I listened to were Eminem, Snoop and Dre, but the first artiste I felt was 2 pac. Nowadays I listen to any and all hip-hop, but my favourite is Jay Z.

Who has been supportive through your musical journey?

Everyone, especially publications like iRepCapcity, platforms like B.I.G and networks like Campus Canvas and my family and friends. My biggest support is my label and family Triple P.

When did you join Triple P and how many projects have you done with them.

We came together April, 2013 and have been changing the game ever since. We’ve just done a stream of singles, for now we working on an E.P due to  drop soon, like September time.

Have you had an opportunity to listen to any Zimhiphop?

Yes I have but I’m not familiar with specific artistes, I’ve heard artistes from various hip-hop sessions this side, you should recommend a few.

Well I recommended a lot of artistes to him that day and feel free to request him on Facebook so that we can extend our links with the South African Community.


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