Meet Slick Beezy Rising Hip-hop Phenomenon

Slick Beezy is a Harare  based Hip-hop artiste who is working hard and investing time and money to stand out in a competitive Hip-hop. He uses the art-form to express his feelings towards day to day issues that young men and women face in the normal Zimbabwean society. To make it even more relate-able he uses Shona in his music which is native language and therefore relate-able to his people.

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Slick Beezy has invested effort by working with some of the most renowned studios on the local scene (and well today he is being talked about on the best blog Zim Hip-hop has seen right?). The rapper revealed that he worked with Anonzi Xndr of Rehab in Nhasi vanodei and Shanduko. We all know that Xndr has been a consistent brand name on the radio for the past few years and by the law of proximity it is in Slick’s best interests to maintain a great working relationship with producers of his calibre. Slick Beezy also worked with Team Bho and Rhyme Assassin on tracks produced by the legendary Take Fizzo. We also have known Take Fizzo to bring us heat from the times of Chamembe, Chamhembe Plus, Roki, Mafriq , Pauline and he even brought the transition from urban grooves through to Zim Hip-hop by being part of what was known as Few Kings.  He also has worked with Youngnash and Sanii Makhalima both of whom have earned their credentials

Anything that these men touche eventually turns to gold.

Our rapper Slick Beezy has these excellent producers touching his work, he too is gifted with a way of creating concepts. Wakandiramba and Ndaita mari were both relate-able hip-hop Shona concepts but i feel like with Wakandiramba, effects on vocals should have been kept on a minimum. Also the artiste can continue to improve and sharpen his concepts to something further than the usual angles we attack these topics.

I commend Slick for putting all the effort he has. Follow me on Twitter and  Instagram @Mcpotar and Facebook is Mcpotar as well. Have a great Sunday.

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