Meet  Rayo –  Gigi Lamayne’s Ice-Cream Beatmaker (@rayobeats)

Did you know that the beat to the hit song “Ice-Cream” was produced by a Zimbawean hip-hop producer by the name of Raymond “Rayo” Sibanda, under Shayzar’s Mixmasters. Shayzar presented the opportunity to the young guy to build the beat which became a smash hit. The video even made it to Channel O. This was not the first hit coming from the emerging king.

In 2014 under Hitmen he also created the Ndikoko beat which was used by Trae Yung, it was mixed and mastered at TMG. The song Popota from The Mcpotar EP is actually one of his works.

Rayo Beats“The Hitmen in short is group of young talented music producers. The Hitmen was formed in 2013 during Easter when I was at my brother’s house Simangaliso Sibanda (Simms). My brother was a drummer in the Prince Edward school Jazz band and he knew a lot about music. We were both making beats on his computer them we just decided to come up with a duo of beat-makers consisting of him and me. Later on after a few months Russell introduced me to Nags who was still learning how to make beats that time and I started working with nags at X.Facta studio. After some time of working together Nags and Russell joined The Hitmen From there we started making beats growing together musically up to now. Simms got out of The Hitmen last year as he was focusing on Graphic Designing and Web development.” – Rayo told @Mcpotar

Though Rayo is building his own brand, The Hitmen. He revealed that being part of a team with Shayzar has helped him a lot to focus. He also highlighted that he got more than enough acknowledgement for making the beat to Gigi Lamayne’s Icecream contrary to popular naysay of people that didn’t understand his relationship with The Mixmasters.

“Above all The Mixmasterz is a team and I am in The Mixmasterz team. We work together as a team. It’s all team work.  In the end the song was indeed produced by The Mixmasterz.”

Having produced I will start with Gigi Lamayne, Cindy Munyavi, Blackbird, McPotar, Trey Yung, Noble Stylez, Whitney Cash, MK 47, Cashbid, Venge, Kidd Aktive, Mixxy, Baller among others. We can safely say that Rayo is serious about his craft and is going to exceed the heights reached by some of our best producers in the land. The Zaangoma soundtrack is a production from his camp and it proved that the Hitmen was versatile.

Of course he has had his controversial days like his misunderstanding with J.Dot. Rayo is one man who does things by the book, in that misunderstanding he actually had not breached any law. The Kanye inspired young producer probably took a bit of arrogance with him and I guess that’s what makes him Rayo.

When asked who he thought had put in work this year he said, “That’s a tricky question. But I think Jnr Brown takes the cup at the moment, but Gze and Calvin  been working.”


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