Meet Johnathan – The “Newe” Hitmaker (@jon_zw)

“If music be the food of love, play on… Give me excess of it”

Those words are taken from Shakespeares 12th Night and are true. That’s why we need people to create theme songs for our love lives. Beyond reasonable doubt, music has been known to allow connections to last. It waters a relationship so that when it plays you can say, “That’s our song.”

Songs can help you get over heartbreaks, help you reconcile, move on or help you solve problems. This is why I do not under-estimate the power of love songs.

Johnathan Zimbabwe NeweToday I want to talk about Jonathan a talented (and short lol) young Zimbabwean RnB singer who has taken the airwaves like Katrina. Tall when it comes to vocals and melodies. He is popularly known for a song titled Newe and recently did a video for Chiiko. These songs where both produced by Ahsayn The Beatmaker.

In his opinion (i.e Johnathan) Chiiko had more traction and got good reviews from radio DJ’s on ZiFM. In my opinion both songs are beautifully crafted. Even my current girlfriend likes Newe, we vote for it. Music speaks to women in amazing ways and I believe it leaves a message of how we can love our partners better. Sometimes it highlights symptoms we should be aware of in a relationship that’s about to fall before it does. So when did this guy begin this fantastic journey.

Sharky (Soko Matemai) had this to say about Newe:

“It just seems ore well written well sung and Chihera (that’s Sharky’s girlfriend’s totem) vanoifarira zvisingaite (likes it a lot) it is one of our songs.”

Yolanda Candice too when asked whih was her faourite said ,”Newe without a doubt”.

In my mind I really was like , “See…”

The singer started doing music in 2010 but was not releasing anything commercially as he was at his grass roots level. In a few years he managed to perfect his skill with help from Ahsayn The Beatmaker, Chris Chacha and Yolanda Candice. Jonathan had previously tried to drop music in 2011 which did poorly online but his breakthroughs came in 2014 when he met the trio mentioned.

“Compared to other artistes he is open-minded and as a producer you get to work with him as a potter would with clay. So when he writes and rehearses following a certain progression, during recording time it’s easy to tweak or change it and he will execute it properly.” – Ahsayn The Beataker (Producer)

The artiste is mostly influenced by Chris Brown, Jeremih, Jagged Edge, August Alsina, Loyiso Bala, Banky W, Prayersoul and believes Audius Mutawarira has set a good benchmark.

“I think Audius definitely, I would say he has made it.” He said.

We see a lot of talented artistes everyday like Jonathan but what is distinct about this particular dude anyway?

“He has been able to awaken something that has been dormant and made it his own. It’s like forging his own niche. So in 2 years he is gonna evolve for the better and be regarded as a pioneer in that genre.” – Chris Chacha (Manager)

With all this beautiful music, centred on love and relationships, one would then ask, “Is he married or seeing someone?”

Well those things change from time to time for everyone, whether you are Leonardo De Carpio or Bruno Mars you have times you may be single or double-double. At the time I interviewed Jonathan he was single.

How does he come up with that music?

Watch his video here

[youtube_video id=”ZHbF59c5GXI”]



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