Meet Da Real Contributor Of SA Hip-hop Magazine

I managed to connect with South African Hip-hop Magazine contributor Darryl “Da Real” Nyamustamba. He has been in Zimbabwe the last couple of weeks, you may have brushed shoulders at Zim Hip-hop Awards. I had a longer interaction with him at the Mix Masters booth where he is lacing some some phenomenal punchlines for a 2016 project. The young gentleman has been making headlines for all the right things including recognition at the prestigious Zimbabwe Achievers Awards for Youth Village. – We can’t wait to publish his first scandal

I was very curious to know his motivations and thoughts on the Zimbabwean Hip-hop industry given that he is also a rapper. Yes, I know… multitalented like Da Vinci, except in this case you eliminate Vinci with “Real” to get his stage name. This is an era where we have “renaissance men” (multi-talented individuals) and it’s an interesting and competitive time.

The Zim Achievers Award was definitely something that made Mr. Nyamutsamba happy. I know this because he hasn’t changed the profile picture from the ceremony since.

“The first person I called was my mother but she didn’t pick up because the award ceremony ended around midnight!” – How sweet and thoughtful. She must be a proud mother and I’m sure he will keep her proud.

As we got deeper with the conversation, Darryl raised concerns about how corporate Zimbabwe had not understood and fully embraced the powerful machinery of content marketing and it’s influence. In a country with poor infrastructure as far as digitization I would say perhaps the companies are not willing to commit to a medium only available classes.

However Mr. Nyamutsamba had this to say, when we talked about sustaining online blogs in Zimbabwe, “Most Zim companies still spend their entire advertising budgets on  traditional media platforms like tv , print and radio. Very little or nothing on digital … that’s challenging because without support from the business community and a proper revenue source most digital platforms won’t survive . Its hard to sustain digital media platforms in Zim because digital is still emerging and it’s also not taken very serious..Ad money spent on digital platforms by most companies is tiny or non existent.”

Further in the discussion, I asked him how he had managed to pull off so much as an individual and he revealed that he of course had support from his inner circle.

“ I’ve been in this with the hard working Wishes Zimunya who is now the senior Nyamutsamba at Youth Village Zim, the team at Nine80 Digital who believed in me more than I believed in myself and the young creatives at Campus Canvas.”

Of course I didn’t forget about the long threads of discussions, rants and twars ignited by the lists made by both YouthVillage and SA Hip-hop mag. He laughed off the whole issue on people getting emotional about simple lists and even blocking each other on social media over who should have made it.

You know how youth Village has, “10 Most Beautiful Women in Zim”,” 10 Most Popular Hip-hop Artistes” and I’m hoping in future they can help me with “10 Good Excuses For Taking A Day Off” hoping my boss doesn’t read it first)

“ When people think of lists they usually think it’s a competitive thing but in reality we use lists to inspire the youth! We believe it is very important to acknowledge the work being done by young people and through doing so we hope to inspire another young person to chasing their dreams.” They say live by the sword, die by the sword. Well the saying can apply positively. We could say for Darryl scooping the award was more off ,”Acknowlegde and be acknowledged.” The consistency of his brand with acknowledging trends, artistes and other elements of popular culture is an essential part of any society.

“ I’d kill to write for Hip Hop DX because their platform always has the breaking news before everyone else, it is trust worthy source and they are consistent. I feel like I would learn a lot from the people at Hip Hop DX.” – He said as we concluded our discussion when we shared our ambitions as bloggers and the heights we seek to reach.

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