Mcpotar’s Beautiful Rant On Zim-hip-hop

The comedy never ends at Zim hip-hop awards, nominees were dropped, many cried foul. Open letters were written and a new category was made to sort of put a dummy in the mouth of a crying baby. Of course some found it cheap to be going around social networks crying for justice.

MMT worked hard this year, the album is good and nomination worthy but their victory will never be a good picture given the rivalry surrounding the stable they run with and Mix Masters. Also the relationship with the company or people that make this happen. Karma’s exclusion could have actually been genuine, maybe his album didn’t deserve a nomination, but once again it looks like politics. The situation is not politically correct. See Slim Shady dissed the grammys at the beginning of his career but still scooped several grammies in the same year. I expected that nominations would ignore Nobles shots and credit him for the good album he made. It was however clear from the beginning that our entertainment system treats people different.

This is why your press releases are ignored but if Stunner has an argument with Munetsi on twitter it’s news. I was surprised to note that some of the biggest blogs in Zimbabwe did not cover Masofa Panze, despite him obviously not having sent a press release, the impact of his diss was trending on twitter so much it would have made a story. However when Begotten’s Lights Out came out, blogs decided it was news worthy… get my point? The blogs decided Begotten is big (yes he is a big name), but my point is Noble did the same thing and you acted like he didn’t.  Now that attitude does not change when we start talking about awards.

But let me say the current criterion of nomination has killed dope in Zim hip-hop. The reason there were more albums and mixtapes this year is because people saw the deserved win of Synik last year and said, “This year we wanna do it too.” They thought it was going to be impartial but it wasn’t starting from radio play the agenda had unfolded. That was the first elimination process. As dope as you are if you were closed out of radio you already couldn’t be nominated, simple. Now there are some real heads nominated in this years awards. They will always mix the fakes and the real in there to confuse you so that you find it hard to point fingers.  There’s also some underground success that would be embarrassing for them to deny so they cannot say Rizla ain’t done it. It is like the situation of a guy who wants to give his relatives  a certain program at NUST who have 5 points, but finds out there’s a none relative with 11 points. Now he can easily ignore other non-relatives that have 5 points to put his, but he can’t ignore the 11 points guy, it would expose him too much.

Now look , Nas has never won a Grammy award but Drake has one. It simply tells you the nature of awards world over or any Nobel Peace Prize or whatever form of accolade people give their own. Why do they do so? To make each other look like big brands and put more weight in their names. Now when they give a weak guy an award it sort of weakens the Zim hip-hop brand a s a whole. I mean if Kanye came to Zim scouting for talent he might just say… who won the awards? Then after hearing that weak ish be like. “Psssh… if that’s your best I’m outa here.”

Anyway, since I believe some of the realest people were nominated to balance the weak ones, everybody knows who I’m voting for at the awards. Awards are a one day event, do not be discouraged let’s move on and make music. Be amazing.

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