Mcpotar’s Beautiful Rant About Ranters

Do you ever get depressed by looking at your Facebook newsfeed if you are of course a fan of Zimbabwean Hiphop and happen to have friends who engage in the art? I can confirm I open Facebook at times and close my browser…. Not him again.


Another rant from a stagnant artiste about why Hiphop has not made it. Obviously we can have his advice because he is not using it right. The radioplay issue has been over-used… Though it is indeed true. The system is corrupt but it will not stop it’s ways over a rant on Facebook by someone who is present to his 900 friends. Not all 900 friens see or care about him hence he struggles to make the first 200 likes despite inviting his whole list.

Being a ranter is a tough job. You just have to blame all other people but yourself for under-achieving.

You believe Hiphop doesnt pay because no one is booking you and you’re the expert who doesn’t use his advice to build him. The comments are always fun because people know what should be done in Hiphop and these are artistes.

“The problem with Zim Hiphop is…”

No sit down. The problem with you is you want other men to fix the game for you. You will attack anything progressive from Radio Shows, Online Shows, Blogs and Awards just because you’re not on the posters.

You will give advice about how all the listed can be done like South Africans do it or tell us about Nigeria. Well Mr or Ms or Mrs Expert… May you demonstrate by making yourself a success using your suggested strategy.

My strategy is to rant here far from them. This method of ranting is beautiful abd it pays.

Feel free to give me questions via twitter @Mcpotar

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