Mcpotar.Com’s – ZimHip-hop Directory Now in Place #Zimhiphop

It has taken me about a week to compile a database system that allows anyone contributing services to Zimbabwean hip-hop to list themselves. That way people that need the services or partnering are able to communicate and be able to make fruitful business because we are trying to build an industry.  Since our music is already in the tweets it’s time to have an exclusive platform to get in touch so we can meet in the street. My site is fast becoming a people site rather than the personal site I built in May. After releasing tracks for Guru Nayetion and Navy Seal, I decided this could work for many.

The website is only focused on categories around Zimbabwean hip-hop such as Production, fashion, clubs, models, artists and studios among others. Your submission automatically appears after you post admin will check for irrelevant contributions to weed them out and keep it clean. No sign up needed, when I tried the sign up thing people got confused. (wordpress gives me headaches, my pharmacist knows).

The benefit of this directory is that we will surely delete anyone trying to sell cars here; it has to be related to our industry. Until the car industry would like to sponsor hip-hop maybe we will include them, it will take quite some time to build a credible list. I urge users to include their city in their tags, so that when I want to link up with a Gweru rapper I know where to find them.

I invite all producers, those with big names and those who haven’t made a mart to come and submit their details on this site. It is not a perfect site, but it is the best i could come up with for now, i know many always find why it’s a bad idea. If anyone thinks they want to suggest improvemnts, email me on .

The directory randomly displays the profiles of artists so your chances of being seen are increased. It’s a game of probability but even then someone can search your niche.  You can submit to the directory or view it via this link.

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