Mcpotar.Com Goes Beyond Talking About Zim Hip hop

This year I began the year with the theme of expanding and extending my territory. For the past 2 years I have been studying the metrics on Mcpotar.Com and trying to figure out what the public really wants to read versus what we try to impose upon them. So I started experimenting with a lot of content strategies I wouldn’t have done in past years and collaborating with bloggers on an international scale.

Mcpotar-Myke Pimp and KlasiqI would like to call, the new approach I am about to implement, “Mainstreaming”. This is where we talk about other issues other than Hip-hop and it has managed to generate more interest from people who do not pay attention to local Hip-hop actually. A number of them end up clicking on the Hip-hop articles after maybe reading something like the To Marry List which went viral and had even been duplicated by some websites without my permission. I had to ask them to take them down.

On the other hand I am still giving industry tips but this year I decided to interview real lufe examples such as Begotten Sun and Spencer Madziya. A true story always gets the message accross better because people actually see that it can be done. Again these stories are meant to benefit even non music business people. We are divorcing from creating a blog for artistes to read about other artistes. We want very much our audiences to spread into the general public.

I have been accused consistently of being out of character for posting content that had no drop of Hip-hop in it but I guess it’s because many readers didn’t yet see how this was actually a boost for Zim Hip-hop. I will continue to have a lot of content which attracts the audience we need for Hip-hop, this is still very much a Hip-hop site.

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