Mc Trake Talks New Track And Announces Dates For Debut EP (By Mimy)

You can always count on Zimbabwean hip hop to ignite a flame that will keep heads talking for a minute. It’s highly inevitable to separate hip hop from the ironies of hate, diss and going against popular opinion. Just last year there was a hip hop over the dissing of beads and those who wore beads which was met with distaste with other rap artists like Taz Da Prince (Beads feat Sharky) throwing shade at this hype.2015 is a new stage altogether with diverse new voices taking a stride in the Zim hip hop movement.

 Mc Trake

Mc Trake, government named Tatenda Macmillian Chirairo could be a mission statement for the year 2015.Featured on his new track entitled “Futi Futi” are Kidd Aktive, Baller the rising vernac emcee and Prout with a great ensemble of production from The Hitmen.The track is filled with catchy lines dropped, almost not trying to cover up their main targets for the track. The track opens up with a satirical reply supposedly to the track Hamuko from Team Bho.

“Kuno…uko ha, tiriko”


 Mc Trake spits out a few lines that seem to allude to one of the emcees who started the ‘hatipfeke ma beads hype’ with cheesy bars like


“Honai nhasi makudai

A+ pakushingirira makutozviti ana Shingy…’’


Baller also throws shots with his opening line


Ndopfeka ma beads aya kusvika magodoka

Mc Trake denies any intentions to ignite beef with any emcee or clique but makes it clear that this was a track that was supposed to make a few things clear pertaining to unnecessary hip hop hype quoted in his words ‘no beef exactly,kungobudirana pachena’.

He is set to release an E.P in September this year with future productions by The Hitmen.To get the track here is the direct link for download. Feel free to comment and share your views on the track

Suprise Track : DOWNLOAD LINK

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