Mc Cut Venture into Hip-hop / R&B – Features Roki and Tinashe Makura

I call him Ma Bars Aya but most of you would like to just call him Cut or Mc Cut. As we already know he knows how to cut it on a verse simple and plain. Lyricism and bars have always been his domain and now he has an offering with Tinashe Makura again. A song entitled Ndomupei which also features Roki. In fact Roki did the production as well.

Ndomupei - MC Cut ft. Tinashe Makura, RokiThat’s already a collaboration you don’t wanna miss just by hearing the names on it. Tinashe Makura and  Roki involved, so there’s no games on it. The story telling skills on this offering is brilliant. I hope radio will give it the spins it deserves. I’m sure the features on it have a good standing with the people on radio so it will not be a problem.

This is really a story about a guy who falls in love with the daughter of a big-shot (by big shot we don’t mean Gwaggz right). He has a hard time getting her number but he later finds it, they fall in love. She  from time to time see’s him through phases of being broke, comes over to his house and they enjoy life until she gets pregnant. That’s where the title comes in Ndomupei  (I wont really translate that, if you already don’t know what Ndomupei means, you won’t understand the  rest of the song either because it’s in that language).

Okay so Ndomupei means, “what will I give her,”. Here is a guy who is just regular and he has made an affluent man’s daughter pregnant. In African culture he is supposed to take her in now and take care of her, cover the bills. She is quite accustomed to a certain lifestyle and now the artist feels like she is hard to take care of. I like songs like these, they are an immediate reality. This is really  something I’ve seen happening, whether or not it happened to Cut or is just creativity.

I cannot even begin to analyze the story telling skills in verse two. He talks about hussling bride price (lobola) money and how he is going to try hard to make any deals to get that paper. This is totally dope. Like totally, totally, totally…. Just to make weak emcees choke on #provokatif syrup let me say this.

The Real Is Back : if you’ve been creating weak stuff I need you to go and crouch in that corner over there and think about your miserable career. Mc Cut has confirmed his inclusion in what we call #TheRealest…

Hear the rest for yourself…. Get it via this link or stream below


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