Mc Cut and Team Rehab Emcees – Kuno

There is a lot of talk about feelings in the air, beads and beef these days. I expected Mc Cut to drop a song called MaBeads this month but well he has dropped Kuno. It features Mile, Marques, Schingy Young Nash and Mariachi. The production is by Xndr.

This concept is certainly a shot at their rival teams as is clear in Schingy’s lyrics and the basic pre-hook, ” ni**a f*** your feelings.” Many of the lyrics are braggadocio but one can tell that there is more to them than just that. For example Schingy in one of his lines says:

“We inda building blowing futi Kush/ Nemabhebhi ane swagger f*** you Big Bruce/” – Schingy

Well I assumed he meant Big Dollar Bruce based on the fact that some weeks ago Big Dollar Bruce was unamused by a #hatipfekemabeads picture Schingy tagged him to. He may have meant a different Bruce however, but come on do the math.

Moving on…. I actually like the general feel of the song regardless of the shots. Since I revealed the article on view buying you’ll never know if some were directed at me and others. I will reveal that some of these guys for some reason blocked me on social media around that time (thereby freeing me from spam / them being free from my provokatif attacks / we both good).

I take no personal issues or emotions to the blog. You did well guys. All in all though some have disagreed with me I think Mile makes the song worthwhile and Mariachi dropped hot bars. I think Mc Cut had good bars as well but I could sense that he may have been venting some emotions. I believe it was right to do so. Hiphop vents through the mic and not through club fights and hashtags. I believe if this is a good track it will propagate itself. Many in Hiphop will simply dismiss it as wack because thry may be closely linked with rival teams. It takes an impartial mind to appreciate the quality of Xndr’s productions. He did not fall short on this one.

If you do not have the song, get it via Rehab On Reverbnation


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