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Now a lot of rappers create their own cover art. It is easy really. Bootleg a copy of Adobe Suite or Corel and  execute the crack then voila! There you have it you can now paste pretty girls on your picture, whose contrast does not match with yours. It doesn’t matter, you are now a graphic designer. Go ahead, use lens flare, play with the knobs, and paste bombs or… Go take time to learn the craft inside out. Enroll somewhere or find a personal mentor. Study colours that blend. Study the pieces of cover art that made an impression and that made you want to bump to the Blue Print. Then you can be like the guy I am going to talk about today.


Yes that guy you keep calling out on Facebook when you’re frustrated about radioplay . Some of you love and hate him for the same reasons huh? He had a goodnight sleep on your music project as a DJ? Well, today is not really about that Mariachi. Today we are talking about the graphic designing Mariachi so I urge you to divorce your mind from hatred and emotion when we present rising talent to you.

Mariachi Code- Graphic Designs

Mariachi is in fact a rising graphic designer. In a certain year he was a rising emcee, take note of that. He has applied himself to learning this for quite some time and could be making the next poster or cover art to your next single. Of course don’t expect spins because you sent it in his design, but you may really consider getting cover art from someone like Mariachi. Firstly because he is a big name ( bigger name than many at least, if you doubt he is one) . It’s all about perceptions. Another good reason is that he has learnt this professionally. The demandof visual arts in business and music is rising fast.  If you have work, you have to present an image to advertise it and it can’t just be any image because a picture tells a thousand words.

You don’t want to take chances with those 1,000 words because they really make an impression. So there is a need to be business minded and even though you have Photoshop installed on your computer, get the people that have studied what works to do it for you. We all have copies of FL Studio, but not all of us could be making beats. Sometimes we need to go to The Hitmen, First Class or Yagi Dojo for something that creates an impression that lasts. Cover art is no different. In fact it is one of the  first things your audience will meet before the recorded product.

Now imagine, you have spent money on getting into Take Fizzos booth, shopped for the best beat and you are going to go home and throw part of those efforts away by creating something for yourself in MSPAINT. The audience cant know it’s a banger before they click it and they click it if the cover art looks dope. Subliminally, the cover art tells us to buy.

Mariachi Zimbabwe Hip-hopSo here’s this guy.He loves hip-hop and has been pushing work for years. He realizes the importance of cover art to the game. He takes action and enrolls somewhere so he can learn how to apply the creativitity that’s already in his mind. No one is ever really taught creativity but we can be taught how to use certain tools to bring out what’s in our mind.  I was taught to write, but not really ever taught to be a poet. However the craft of poetry has little rules that make it identified as thus.

I know some of you do not really like this guy, you say he has paid a blind eye to your work. In my view his eye is not as blind as you think it is. His eye had vision to enroll somewhere and learn the workings of the graphic world. His eye had vision to start a show exclusive to hip-hop, though criticized much for it’s weaknesses, that’s vision. As an artiste you consistently require packaging of your work in a method that is presentable. That eye however now see’s colours and tools that can create masterpieces, logos and posters for various individuals and we didn’t know this because talent is latent.

We are used to seeing art from Mykol Riley, Taffy Chinx, Tinashe kupfuwa (read about them here) whom I can say do quite great as well, respect to them, but I saw Mariachi’s art and thought this would be interesting to know from somebody we only thought did rap.  He then revealed to me a school where things such as animation are learnt. The school is called ZIVA and he did a poster for them. I just basically encourage artistes to take self development seriously.

We need artistes that will stop drinking booze all day and wake up to take up a course that adds value to Zim Hip-hop. Marketers, webdesigners, bloggers and promoters. Mariachi said, he hadn’t publicized his involvement in this industry for a while but is now ready to take your orders.

Those who are interested in ZIVA (Zimbabwe Institute of Visual Arts), you can check their official website by clicking here. I do encourage you to also go around different colleges depending which city you live to find out about copurses that improve you as an individual, including leadership training.

Let’s keep pushing hip-hop and innovating the game. Follow @Mcpotar on twitter or like his page!!!

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