Marcques and Mile LIT A Timeless Offering & Why

Beautiful art is timeless, resistant to trends that come and go. It’s like the sun, the clouds will come and go but it remains resilient, providing energy and life source to the earth. Marcques and Mile’s lost in translation is a great example of such music. – Timeless.

February 24, I write this whilst listening to an album that was released on the 16th of January. A late review some would say, for me a timeless offering cannot have a late review because lateness has to do with time.

Then their critics will ask, what makes it timesless. It may be Lost In Translation but it will never be Lost In Time.

The Collaborative Aspect

Rappers even in the same family will always have a competitive spirit not to let down the track and not to be beat too much. When Marcques and Mile collaborated they put themselves under pressure to do exceptionally well because no one wanted to let down the team of course.

You will notice the switch up flow in tracks such as KFC Drive. Collaboration also brings in a pool of ideas and correctional advise while the product is still being made because there are two creatives making decisions on what goes in (and then the executive producer of course).

Collaborations beyond their duo included Crimson Blu, Simba Tagz and Ti Gonzi. These are not too few and not too many. They managed to make sure the main focus was them, which I applaud.


Of course offerings like Lost In The City, which took me away with melodious hooks and a soulful message about urban life was a beautiful relatable offering. The song is accredited to Mile alone and produced by Anonzi Xndr. Nyarara on the other hand was Marcques solo as well, with Youngnash on the beat.

Nyarara is more on the beastly tip, even throwing shade at some bloggers I know.

There are also tracks like Rufaro which are relatable to people going through achievement. Anyone who is winning tends to get criticism. They managed to also encompass danceables like “In A Song” for the mami’s to twerk it out.

Monopoly, a Boi Tricky production definitely brought variation to the sound. The usual characteristic sound for Marcques and Mile is usually Anonzi Xndr and Youngnash. The way it begins late builds anticipation. The switch up flow of course tells you that both rappers are nothing to mess with.

Last Forever, was definitely meant to be timeless as everyone falls in love sometime. It doesn’t matter which year you are in. Haunyare, which features phenomenal songbird Crimson Blu and Simba Tagz is definitely a different sound, Crimson managed to playfully drop some bars on that one like a natural. I feel however that more could have been done on this track gioven that we were dealing with some of the finest artistes from Zimbabwe.

I guess many could still vibe to it.

Fade, which was produced by Verseless Philo is on a more laid back tip with some reality talk. It’s a song for your car radio, when you need to nod your head whilst going to work or enduring congestion in Samora as kombi’s interject you.


Marcques has notably gone levels up in terms of delivery. Perhaps the long silence was good for growth.

Track List

01 – Marcques and Mile – KFC Drive by ft Youngnash (prod by Youngnash)
02 – Marcques and Mile – Haunyare ft Crimson Blu x Simba Tagz (prod by Anonzi Xndr)
03 – Marcques and Mile – Easy (prod by Verseless Philo)
04 – Marcques and Mile – Monopoly (prod by Boi Tricky)
05 – Mile – Lost In The City  (prod by Youngnash)
06 – Marcques & Mile – Last Forever (Co-prod by Anonzi Xndr)
07 – Marcques and Mile – Rufaro ft Ti Gonzi (prod by Youngnash)
08 – Marcques – Nyarara (prod by Youngnash)
09 – Marcques and Mile – In a song (prod by Anonzi Xndr)
10 – Marcques and Mile – Fade (prod by Verseless Philo)


I hear that the teams are in the process of making videos for this and trust me no matter who comes in and has his week of fame it cannot erase the artistry of this solid project well invested in. Anonzi Xndr, Youngnash, Boi Tricky and Verseless Philo did excellently on the production.

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