Make This One Your Morning Song #BecauseHeFirstLovedUs

Each day that comes along is full of little conflicts in our lives that may drive our cortisol levels up and drive us in high blood pressure. We strive for an existence full of joy, no struggle and love.

We need to be loved yes. However, everyone around us including ourselves is flawed and they can never love all the time. They can never love consistently and perfectly.

A Hip-hop artist known as C.O.G (Child of God) has actually chosen to tell us about a source of love that is never dying, never ending and always available in his new song titled You Love Me , which was produced by himself. He performed the vocals in a superb manner, not to hit at Zim Hip-hop but I actually paused to check the credits again to check if this was Zim Hip-hop that’s how good this guy is.

Watch it here and proceed with article:

He is also of course the man behind the beats of the 2016 hit by Takura, MaObama and other sounds from the guy.

Now C.O.G has raised the bar definitely as far as local Hip-hop is concerned and this is the music you should be playing for uplift-ment in the morning.

It is a powerful, 5 mics for it. I am sold. I am a fan.

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