Make African Hip-hop Beats And Sell Them Online

One of the best ways to earn income online is to sell digital products such as hip-hop beats. African producers, especially in Zimbabwe have often slept on the opportunity they have of creating Afro-centric hip-hop sounds and selling them online. Our brothers tend to follow the westernized sounds which they consume from channels like Trace and BET.

However I think there is a big opportunity for Afro-centric beats, with mbira, hosho and marimba, probably African chants and ululation as samples. Very few producers have exploited that arena, as it is I can only confirm that Begotten Sun has done it well but I’[m sure young blood can venture into this as well.

I think there is a market for:

African Chants As Samples

Producers from the continent can mix and record people of different cultures and dialects doing different chants which can later be sold to anyone who wants to fuse that into music. It could be Swahili, Ndebele, Venda, Xhosa or Shona. When I heard the sample in Patience by Nas and Damien, I immediately knew that beautiful home-nurtured vocals solely made to be used as samples have a market. If American producers could get access to them, why can’t we?

African Hip-hop Beats

Like I said earlier in the article, beats that identify with African traditional sound if fused with Hip-hop can actually create a whole new niche that even the rick Ross’s would like to mess with. A movement of producers simply needs to rise and say this is it, let’s develop this niche. The can bring different instruments fashioned in Africa and create beautiful music. These can also be sold online, snippets can be posted on community sites or producers can invest in building websites.


African Piano Loops

I believe popular African traditional songs can be laid out in piano roll and saved for other producers to use.

Presets Of African Instruments and Vocals

After all is said and done, since we are African and know what African sound should sound like in the end, why not also provide the mastering presets for the samples, vocals and so forth. To help producers from anywhere who may download or buy the products I have suggested?

It is ideal if you make presets for various beat making software such as FL Studio, Ableton Live and so forth (Rayo would know this better).

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