Magamba Brings Peace In The Hood on 13 December 2014

Magamba Cultural Activist Network has over the years provided a platform for made and rising artistes to speak their truth.The organization has survived the laws of this country and has become even stronger over the years in more platforms than just stage presence. It has branched out into online media  and other artforms.

So word on the street is the platform is coming to Chitungwiza this weekend  (12 December, 2014). The show themed

Tell Your Truth


Guspy Warrior, Dhadza D, Noble Stylez, Sharky, Nu Alliance among other incredible local artistes will take over the stage. Even though these artistes have a reputation for giving high end performances the show has been made free for all thanks to Magamba Network and Woza, who are supporting the event.

Social Media Workshops

There will be social media workshops from 11am to 1pm. I am sure this will be particularly useful to artistes that want to increase their edge on social networks, or just basically learn how best to interact and join the various conversations. I myself have attended some of these workshops and found them useful.

I hope to see you there.

Artiste Workshops

From 1pm to 3pm there will be artiste workshops. I believe this will benefit many artistes. We can never stop learning. The best way to become better at ones craft is to attend everything big or small that teaches the craft if you can. If you believe you are already above this phase you can still go and share that knowledge with those who are growing up.

The Main Show

The main show will kick off from 4pm till late. I am sure it will be blazing. After-all these are the same organizers of Mashoko. The show on the 29th of November was well orchestrated and this one could be better after our feedback.

We cannot go wrong with the legendary Dhadza D and Guspy warrior. Experience in stage presence from Nu Alliance and energy from the new kings Noble Stylz and Sharky. I must mention that some of these artistes are from Chitungwiza.

Where Is The Show Though?

I almost forgot to tell you that the show will be at Mucheka Grounds, St. Mary’s Chitungwiza. If you’re in Harare you should surely get transport to that hood from the rank near Charge Office.

Much blessings.

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