Maestro IV – Run This Town Review : Are Drones Over-Used ?

If you happen to hate reading reviews, you can watch the video below, but if you want to read the full critical analysis you can scroll below the video. (or click this link)

The Bulawayo hip-hop industry is one of the most aggressive in the country having brought rise to acts like Ca_Vin, Asaph, Mzoe 7, Guluva 7, P.O.Y, Awa Khiwe, Navy Seal, Orthodox Six and Maestro IV. There has sometimes arisen a tendency to smack talk from artistes and fans alike but Maestro IV in his newest visual offering says he runs the town and is disinterested in competition.

Maestro IV also known as the “Top JITA” remains as lyrical as he has always been over the years. The artiste has always employed revolutionary methods of portraying his art, a case in point being his “Majaivana back” from previous years.

Run this town comes from a previous album titled “Married to the Game” and its instrumentation was done by Marvin but recorded and arranged by Maestro himself.

The video which was directed by Creative Pot has its setting in the city of Bulawayo. It begins with a drone easing in from a bird’s eye view. I love the use of the drone but I think it is becoming too predictable in most Creative Pot videos and this includes the font for titles. I believe artistes have distinct voices and thus need very distinct videos.

According to Maestro in relation to the setting, “It was fitting to the concept; the track is run this town so we wanted a location and visuals that will complement that on top of one of the city’s tallest buildings and drone shots covering most of the town.”

So fair enough, the drone shots were meant to cover the city he runs, but the over use of drone shots in the entire culture by many producers may see it’s value undermined soon. I must emphasize that this is probably one of the few videos it was necessary in.

I would have loved to see Rasquesity Keaitse shoot more angles and a portrayal of the star in the streets, running the town and being loved by the people, perhaps getting love from the market place, getting love in the corporate spaces and then even love in the club. The illustration would have more appeal.

These can be perfectly planned in future without pushing the budget too high.

Despite the few shortcomings highlighted, the video is still a high resolution TV ready piece and should be considered for Zambezi Magic and Trace Magic thereafter.

The bars in Run This Town are some of the sickest in the country, and Top JITA’s mastery in wordplay and syllable flexing should be the same attitude used to portray his royalty on the street. As far as lyricism is concerned, he is really a diamond in the dirt that is yet to be found. He may want to do “Run The Nation” later as far as that is concerned.

I love his investment on the craft because many artistes still do not have videos or catalogs but year by year he has brought us heat. Expect more Maestro The IV performance in the summer, he is cooking up something you will love.

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